A WEEK IN UAE: Save the Best for Last

Kali Travels: A WEEK IN UAE 05

Saving the best for last... Borey and Benok started their final day at Burj Khalifa and ended at The Deal for the best deals! 

Day 07 | The Tallest among the Tall

Last but definitely not the least, Borey visited Burj Khalifa on his last day in the UAE. Having visited the Petronas Tower, he was really amazed At The Top...

Burj Khalifa

A WEEK IN UAE: Desert Safari Experience

Kali Travels: A WEEK IN UAE 04

A visit to UAE won't be complete without experiencing the desert safari. 

Dune bashing, Camel encounter and local performers are just ordinary in the desert life... 

Day 6: The Desert Safari Experience

A WEEK IN UAE: Need for Speed - Ferrari World and Sky Dive

Kali Travels: A WEEK IN UAE 03 

Bors and Benok's adventure in UAE continues... 

Day 4: A Day @ Ferrari World 

A WEEK IN UAE: Sharjah Corniche and Old Souk Dubai

Kali Travels: A WEEK IN UAE 02

Day 2 was a rest day after the adventure in Musandam, considering the jet lag of Borey... that same evening, Benok arrived.

Day 3: Walking @ Sharjah Corniche (morning)...

Buhairah Corniche, Sharjah
and a visit to Dubai Old Souk, Dubai Museum, Gold Souk plus a taste of camel pasta @ LOCAL HOUSE in Bur Dubai...

A WEEK IN UAE: Fjords of Musandam

KALI travels: A WEEK IN UAE 01

Mid of October, cousins went to visit us... it was an extra challenge for us to compress the activities in a week, given that they are 2 adventurous guys... this will be a series of A WEEK IN UAE...

Here's our Day 1: Musandam Dhow Cruise in Oman

Spoiled Girls Move It in SG

We had a sweet escape last week @ Singapore! 
It was a short but worth spent holiday with friends...
and this is how we move it...

Charming Cha-am

Our vacation won't be complete without kissing the sun and sand...
we initially thought of Pattaya to wrap our first Thailand adventure, but after seeing an article about Cha-Am, we got more excited. 
Sunrise @ Regent Cha-Am Beach Resort

Cha-Am is a district in the southern part of Phetchaburi Province, central Thailand. Like Hua Hin, it is also a well known beach resort town but there is less foreigner and more of family and students. There is no night clubs or bar and restaurants at the beach side, but its long and wide and shoreline is perfectly calm and relaxing... 

Hop In To Hua-Hin

Right after our Damneon Saduak: The Floating Market and Our First and Last Elephant Ride experience, we run towards Hua Lamphong Station, the main rail way station in Bangkok to catch the train to Hua Hin. 

Hua Lamphong Station
Hua Lamphong Station
Hua Lamphong is the main terminal to northern, eastern, northeastern and southern Thailand.
The station was opened on June 25, 1916 after six years' construction.

Our First & LAST Elephant Ride

The supposed to be number one must do in Thailand, our first & LAST elephant ride experience... 

Despite the disappointments from the tour operator and taxi driver, we couldn't hide our excitement on this new experience... 

at the tree top
 It was on our bucket list, of course, to sit atop the world's largest terrestrial mamal...
until we were finally seated.

Damneon Saduak: The Floating Market

Being a first-timer in BKK, the floating market and elephant ride experience wouldn't be missed out. It happened on our 3rd day - morning, before we travel to Cha-Am in the aftenoon...

After many research on how to go to floating market, bus routes etc... due to limited time, we ended up with a taxi driver who offers a service in bringing us to the place.

Bangkok Temple Visits

Shopping and Temple visits are the 2 major things to do when in Bangkok... that's what I always see on blogs and trip advisory. However, I never imagined that there are more that 400 wats (temples) around BKK, just like the mosques here in UAE.

Considering that we were are in Muslim country, with a very conservative culture, we were able to adapt easily on their Buddhist cultures although they are of different faith. Respect other's culture and understand their belief is basic and important things to practice when travelling.

From my previous post, we Cruise Along the Chao Phraya River... and this is the same route that we took to reach the temples...

THE GRAND PALACE | the spiritual heart of Thai Kingdom
Built in 1782 - and for 150 years the home of the Thai King, the Royal court and the administrative seat of government

Cruise Along Chao Phraya River

I had a 5-days short visit to Thailand. It was my first time and admittedly, I didn't have much expectations since they always compare it to Manila.

That is one good thing that I learned from travelling; the places is not exactly what it was on Google, so its better to expect less and be surprised rather than get frustrated. And yes, BKK surprised me... being a Filipino, somehow its painful to admit that it is way better than Manila...

Travel time from Dubai to Bangkok is about 6.5 hours. We arrived in the afternoon.


Most of the time, when we are at the most comfortable moment of our lives... God will suddenly instruct us to stand up from that lazy boy couch and asks us to step out from that cozy place. 

When you can see the beautiful life ahead of you and all your dreams seems coming true...  He will make you realize that these things aren't the one that really matters. 

For quite some time now, God has been asking me to move out from my comfort zone. Admittedly, I am hesitant. I tried to make excuses, and I mean really good excuses... but when He calls you, I believe we can only delay but we can never say no. 

It's been years of constant struggle, the burden is there. I know there is something else that He wants me to do, however, I have many lousy reasons not to respond... 


From PISA: The Square of Miracles, we headed back to FIRENZE (Florence). 
This is the capital and most popular city of Tuscany and considered the birthplace of Renaissance.

The city contains numerous museums and art galleries and is noted for its culture, Renaissance art,  architecture and monuments.
It has been ranked by Forbes as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. 

PISA: The Square of Miracles

A region in Central Italy, Tuscany is known for its landscapes, tradition, history and artistic legacy. It is regarded as the birthplace of Renaissance. 

View from the train
Leaning Tower of Pisa, being one of the Wonders of the World, was of course on our list of places to visit when in Italy.

Road to 35: Treasures Unfold

As the number of our years increased, number of people in our lives decreases...

I remember celebrating my birthday, full house... from friends, colleagues, high school and college classmates, friends of friends and friends of friends of friends. 

Those were the days when strangers come over not to celebrate but to drink with other friends. When you just walk with bottle beer, checking on each group of people if they were enjoying... Party normally ends the following day. 

As I think of it... yes, indeed those were the happy days.
And as I try to recall one or two of my "happy birthday celebration" and try remember the different faces who were there; it seems that most of them were just part of my past. Very few are still on my present...

People come and go. That is something that I learned from my mentor while I was still in broadcasting network. 

But through the years, I learned that: 

You can choose the people who will stay in your life and those that you will let go... 

Being friends is not about being together everyday; even if you talk to a certain people daily, it doesn't mean that you are friends... and not talking or chatting everyday doesn't means you were no longer friends. 

No time nor distance can separate real friends. 

Lechon Paksiw

While having lunch, a colleague suddenly threw a question:

Ano ung pagkain nyo nung time na mahirap kayo?
What do you eat during the lowest (poorest) time of your life? (tama ba?) 

At that moment, natigilan ako... napaisip and somehow yes, nagbalik ala ala yung darkest, saddest times of my family. 

One answered: mantika at asin sa kanin...  (cooking oil and salt mixed in rice) 

While another one is asin...  (salt) 

I wasn't able to respond. I just answered them with a smile as I remember what it was... 

One commented: Mayaman kasi to kaya wala siyang ganyang experience... 

I reacted and said of course not... we were also poor and went through down moments. 
However, I don't have memories of not having food at the table despite all the hardships that our family went through.

I remember seeing my mother mixing sugar on rice; maybe those were the times when we do not have enough; however she carried the burden alone and never allowed us to suffer. Her lame excuse was that she doesn't want the food...

Bathroom Diaries: Yosi

Last Thursday, I was able to have a chat with a new colleague...
It started with a normal hi, hello and getting to know you conversation; and since we were both not busy as it is almost end of day, our conversations leads from one topic to another, until we noticed bunch of people at the smoking area.

Then I asked her if she smokes; she said no. Good! Then she threw the same question on me. I said I used to... but I quit... few years ago.

She was surprised... then she asked me how I did it.
She told me that her dad is also a chain smoker and she hope that he can stop too...

Go With The Flow

Just go with the flow... new millennium is new millennium! 

I don't remember who exactly answered this in one beauty pageant, way back 90's, because the question is pertaining to the Y2K generation but I clearly remember the lines.. and for sometime, I lived on those words.

Just go with the flow...


Who doesn't know where Venice is... or should I ask, who doesn't want to visit Venice? 

Venizia (Venice) is a city in nortthestern Italy, composed of 117 small islands separated by canals and linked by bridges. 

It is one of the most interesting places in the world. 

From Milan, we traveled for almost 3 hours via Trenitalia to reach Venizia Santa Lucia train station. 
Below is the first photo I took as my feet stepped on Venice.
View in front of Venzia Santa Lucia station | Church of SAN SIMEON PICCOLO AKA  SANTI SIMEONE E GUIDA

A Short Trip to Wurzburg, Germany

A city in the region of Franconia, Northen Bavaria, Germany and is located on the Main River, the capital of the Regierungsbezirk Lower Franconia.

Our visit to Wurzburg was unplanned; we missed our train to Stuttgart after our short visit to the Rothenburg ob der Tauber: Germany's Fairy Tale Dream Town.

Our misfortune was turned into an exciting adventure; we arrived late night at the Wurzburg Hauptbahnhof and went straight to the nearest hostel.

The next day was another unforgettable moment of our Europe escapade...
And we found ourselves walking in this city along the Main River.

He Will Be With Us.

Isaiah 43:2

At the times when worries and fears overtake our lives, those days when we almost give up, let us remember that there is God who promised that He will be with us...

CHANGE spells F-O-C-U-S

Today, moving forward, I will be posting less of my photos here in KALI Blogs. Rather, this page will be more of my testimonials, sharing God's Words and devotional studies.

Reasons? I am just putting things in perspective; to be able to focus more on what needs to be done. Lately, I wasted so many time thinking that I do not have time to do this... not a day passed without me attempting to write something here...

But I failed because there are many things that I wanted to share, I lost focus on what is Urgent and Important... 

Stuttgart Offers More

Europe Journal 04

Stuttgart is the capital of the state of Baden-W├╝rttemberg in southwest Germany; the 6th largest city in Germany. It has variety of hills, valleys and parks and also tagged as the "cradle of the automobile."

We went to Stuttgart to visit relatives; 

The Bauer family: Uncle Gerhard, Nanang Lita, Stefan and Erla

Onwards and Upwards

Hello 2015!

I am looking forward to the bestest year ever...

I have my first-7-days reasons why:

01 Jan is FAMILY | This is the best place anyone can be... when we are with family.

After 7 years, I was able to celebrate New Year at home with all the "rounded" fruits on the table, colorful fireworks, loud firecrackers and a happy noisy extended family.

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