Puerto Princesa: @ "The Last Frontier"

Puerto Princesa, is the cleanest city in the Philippines, the capital of the so called "The Last Frontier" which is Palawan.

Home of the Lofty Mountains, Rainforests and The World's Longest Underground River - PALAWAN UNDERGROUND RIVER , it is the second largest province in the country. With its 1,768 islands, the province has vast tracts of tropical rainforests and marine wilderness. Palawan was proclaimed as Fish and Wildlife Sanctuary.

From Manila, it only takes less than an hour to reach Puerto Princesa, by air... and when travelling within the city and short trips, tricycles, multi-cab and jeepneys are available. Rent - a - car services are also available within the airport.

For first time travellers, the City Tourist Information and Assistance Center are available within the airport compound.

Hotels, resorts and transient apartments are everywhere. Of course, you secure your accommodation before going, though for those who dont, you wont regret since there are a lot of places to choose from, depending on your budget :)

Staying in resorts within the city is recommended since there are a lot of tourist destinations around, it will be easier to roam and transport won't be a hindrance.

Because aside from hopping along the HUNDA BAY which is only 30 minutes from the city proper, there are a lot of exciting places to visit...


This mansion - in - the - sky is owned by the family of former Senator Ramon Mitra.
Over looking the city of Puerto Princesa, Mitra's Ranch has been one of the best destination in the city.
and not too far from this is another exciting place to dine and relax.


Yes, basically, its a bake shop... and a lot more!
The owners were generous enough to share their beautiful vacation house to visitors.
And from mountain top, you can also go inside and experience Palawan's rainforest,
and visit Crocodilesssssssss at...

This is another must try adventure. Aside from a close up encounter with Crockies of all sizes, you can also explore - at - your - own - risk the Nature Park.
Tired from all these???

KA LUI has prepared something for you to pamper not just your hungry stomachs but to give you a total relaxation as you come to visit their place:
And of course, we won't leave the place without souvenirs...
IWAHIG is the place where tourists come not just to buy,
but to visit...
IWAHIG PRISON & PENAL FARM is a prison without bars.
A wall-less community of minumun security prisoners serving out the last years of their terms.
These lovely souvenirs were created by them.
After a long day of fun and escapades within the island,
it is best to end the day with a bottle of San Mig Light

One day wont be enough for the Puerto Princesa city tour... that took us 2 days.
We alternate beach and land tours during our 5 days stay.
And its not enough... there are a lot of other places to visit within the island, not just in Puerto Princesa but in Palawan.

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