This New Year, Let Us Focus on Jesus

Has anyone written their New Years’ resolution? Any do’s and don’ts for 2014?

I have my to-do, and that is to diet and exercise again. I am hoping and determined to lose weight again and I planned to start it this New Year. Yes, I preferred to wait until tomorrow :) 
I think this goes to everyone. Each of us has their own plans as the year starts.
Yes. I also have my don’t-do-it-this-time list on my mind; things that I should stop doing. One of those is to sleep late or not having slept at all… (let me try!)

As Christians, I know we should not practice this New Year’s resolution list anymore, we should be living a life pleasing the Lord and not according to this list (the above were just examples).

We look at New Year as start of something new and something great. This is the best time for new endeavors; to step in a new opportunity or challenge.And this is also the perfect time to leave the past behind. Those things that we want to forget; experiences and difficulties that causes us pain. We can all move forward to start anew.


While watching this dancing fountain at Al Majaz Waterfront, my heart keeps singing Kumukutikutitap by Ryan Cayabyab...

I realized, that this is my 7th Christmas away from home.

Wow! How did I survive?

Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen.

A day to freeze. The last date this century with three consecutive numbers. :-)

To Zamboanga, With Love

For more information on how to extend your donation, please visit or 

God bless Zamboanga. God bless the Philippines. 

I've Been Waiting For Hours...

and I've been waiting for months!!!

This conversation is happening now, 2 account directors pass by while chasing for the IT guy. Both have laptop issues... and they can no longer wait.

Few weeks back, I had an argument with another account manager, regarding the time and urgency. We share the same designer; and the designer informed me that my AW was done and ready for release, upon my signature / approval. I told him that I was in the middle of an urgent and important thing that I cannot go up that very moment. I don't even remember asking him to wait as he can do another thing until I come and check.

What we have is something different; IBA TAYO!

On the lift last Thursday, a colleague asked: "What's up for Friday?"
Then I smiled and answered: "Church day!:
"The whole day?" she curiously replied...

If you are a Christian, I know you certainly understand the excitement I have for Fridays (or Sundays on other parts of the world)... Church day is something that we all look forward to. Being with the family of God, the fellowship with one another and enjoying God's presence, praise and worship, the Word... It's different: IBA.


Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! — Philippians 4:4

Rejoicing is easy when everything else are falling into places. 
But how can we practice Philippians 4:4 when things are broken into pieces? 

There are many commandments in the Bible that was given to us as a guide for a true Christian living. Romans 12 is a good example of the guidelines that we can use. We also have the Love one another verse in John 13. 

Compared to those not-so-easy-to-achieve-commands, Rejoice in the Lord always, seems less complicated to obey.

Yeah. IT SEEMS...

Jordan Journal | Up to Mt. Nebo and Down to Dead Sea

Here we are, heading now to the final 3 destinations from our Jordan travel:
Let me take you to the City of Mosaic, go up to the peak of Mount Nebo where Moses got a view of the Promised Land, and down to the lowest point of Earth - the Dead Sea.

From the Roman Theater, we had a city tour around Amman. No more stop at this time; but the bus pass along the souk, the commercial district and a private village where big villas are located.

Wadi Abdoun Bridge
The only cable-stayed bridge in Amman

Jordan Journal | The Citadel and Roman Theater

The final day of our Jordan adventure is the city tour.
Just to recap: we visited Ruins of Jerash on the first day; Jerusalem on the second day (which I haven't posted yet);  third was the Fascinating Petra on the Wadi Musa, and finally, these significant places which is at the heart of the city.

This was an overdue post; the travel was last October 2012... but the joy that this adventure gave are still fresh and the memories will never fade...

So come on... months may passed but I hope the photographs will still bring you a fresh new adventure, in The Amman City Tour...

The first destination on the "squeezy day" as our tour guide calls it, is the AMMAN CITADEL, known in Arabic as Jabal al-Qal'a: 

Are you enjoying your silence?

My colleague who sits in front of me just asked that question...
Today is not a busy day for me, or shall I say, not a working day for me.
Uhhmmm -- Holiday in the office!!!
And the cold weather makes it just perfect...

Since morning, there are very few things. No red flags. No WIP. I just released several materials yesterday for my account. Today is indeed a rest day, if I may say.

Yet, times like these are crucial... Idle times are the most dangerous time as the 'enemy' uses this to put several things on our mind... Things that we should not even think about.
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