Do You Have The Key?

This is one lesson that I learned from the forty five days gap, I MISS YOU, remember... and as I promised, I will share stories that happened  in between :-)

As the clock ticks at 5PM, my adrenalin goes up... I will cross-check all my to do list for the day and will immediately follow up all the pending jobs that were needed. I usually put pressure on my colleagues esp from finance by pointing finger on my watch...
Some walking along the hallway, few phone calls, and before I knew it, its already 6pm... finally!!!

That is me, normally.

Today, admittedly, not all jobs on my list were checked, and not all the mails were marked completed... I left my desk with some pending jobs... I was rushing to go home because there are some things that I wanted to do. That's why even if there were some jobs that needs to be sorted, I shut down the computer and ran...

Who needs a break?

Few minutes ago, I felt so tired and restless...
I needed a break.

I first thought of making a chai but I didn't find my mug in the pantry, so I erased the tea break on my mind.
I walk along the corridor and went to toilet to freshen up.
Ate was there... the Filipina cleaner.

As I was washing my hands, I took a deep breath and sigh - "Hay kapagod!"
Suddenly, Ate said in a very calm voice, "Sinong mas pagod sa atin?"


It took me a while before I finally find the right words to say..."Oo nga po, kayo maghapon ng naglilinis. Masakit na po kasi mata ko sa harap ng computer."
Ate said, "Nakakapagod din ung mag isip ano? Pero malaki naman ang bayad sa inyo, sulit naman."

In few seconds, all the weariness that I felt seems to escape from me... crawling away from my complaining body, not wanting to hear another word from Ate's sad and frustrating story.

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