Where Do I Want To Be?

Where Do I Want To Be???

Somebody requested me to write something about that title... and it's not about me, but her. Since we are in totally different world, it took me some time to finish it, and by the time that it's done, she has already prepared her own piece. which is fine, since it should be something personal.

i felt disappointed when she told me that she dont need it anymore, because ofcourse, i took time to do the composition... but the best thing is that i was able to reflect for my own "where do i want to be?" as i am doing hers...

and that simple question doesnt have a simple answer.
in fact, its a continous question that we all should ask to ourselves, as often as we could until we find the right answers...

as far as I know, I have lived my life fully, the best way that I could.
I practiced to blend with everyday scenarios... I choose to be happy most of the time.
and when there are some sad tuesdays... I also entertain the feeling of sadness, to balance and to appreciate happiness more.

presently, I am at phase of life where ideally, should've established the where do I want to be... and just keep focus on that path.
but then, this journey of living is not as straight as we all wished. there where crooked streets, needed to take some left and right turns along the way...

and during those u turn days, I sometimes lost track of the route... and worst, I tend to look for alternatives and short cuts...

but before I totally bump on dead ends... I usually stop for a while, review my map and find my way to get back to my path.

luckily, I often find out that my finish line is still there. the flag stand still.

there, to "my" place where people tend to worry less and laugh more.
where love and peace were binded forever and hate is never recognized.

my dream is simple... my ambitions are as easy as ABC.

I never aspire to gain more, all I want is to have a decent job that will give importance to my talents. where i can share my knowledge and learn new skills.
I dont wish to have more money than what I need. what is important for me is to have enough to live by... to help my family... to share with others.

what else?

of course, I want to go home or rather, stay at home, if possible... I want to be there. to live there. be with the people I grew up with...
and to continue my journey with my partner, and live life simply happy.

hmmm... that's it!
and may our Lord God guide my path towards this flight :)

Some Good Things Never Lasts

"When times are good, be happy;
but when times are bad, consider:
God has made the one as well as the other,
therefore, a man cannot discover anything about his future."

Ecclesiastes 7:14

maybe most of us have notice that after happy days comes sorrow...
there are times that you can't breathe anymore because of laughing, and times when you can't because of pain.
days when you were so inspired to do things, yet there were also some couch potato days...
moments of victory, and defeat.
feelings of being inlove, and falling out of love...

this is life... it has ups and downs.
its normal.
we encounter these every single day.

but still, we struggle when the changes comes.
we were never ready, often caught off guard as the gear shifts.
and most often, we feel left behind.
but in reality, we are not.

its just another phase. or maybe, a storm along the way.
wherein we should learn to move with the wind...
and sail confidently amidst the wave...

if it will be smooth sailing all the time...
we can never call it a life.
and if we give up on the trials...
we will never know the essence of life.

you will not stay in the dark room forever and the light will also fade.
we can never know what will come after the dark or until when this light will be bright.

Some good things never lasts, and so with the bad.

Just hang on!
Live life, in the best, possible way that you can!
Tomorrow is a surprise… no one can tell what it will be like :)

Figures of Figurines

-BEAUTY as we feel it is something undescribable;
what it is or what it means can never be said. -
* George Santayana

Post Birthday Post

10 days ago, I walked into my last stage of twenties...

my 2nd celebration away from home.
we had a simple dinner, which were prepared by my partner and godson...
and very special people in my life came... my family here in dubai.
same as the usual party that we have, it was fun and filled with laughter.
there were no new faces that night... its the same us...
having a good time... celebrating life!

compared to last year, there were so many blessings to count...
and having a 29 candles is not enough to name each one.

ok! maybe i can share... 29 of them:

1. I was still able to celebrate the day that I was born... meaning I am still alive :)
2. I still manage to see the sunshine and feel the heat of summer... meaning I am still healthy.
3. I blew my candles at 12:01AM... meaning I was able to start my special day that early and happy.
4. My friends came over that night as well... meaning I have sweet and loving friends.
5. And I had an awesome sleep after... having a comfortable bed... and a place to stay.
6. I called my nanay and tatay, to thank them for the life and love that they gave... I still have them around.
7. I was able to have a chat conversation with my nephews and niece and they expressed their love through that... I have a beautiful family.
8. Friends and officemates sent greetings... means they remembered me on my day.
9. My aunties, uncles and cousins extended their greetings... means I have a loving relatives.
10. I had a tons of workload in the office that day... means I still have my job.
11. I gave pancit to 2 other pinoy officemates... means I have enough to share.
12. I had a fight with the taxi driver (who is so rude, as always) on my way to Ericson's place... meaning I still have some money for the taxi fare.
13. When I arrived at Kawakeb (our ancestral home here in Dubai), Erika and Ericson were so busy preparing the food... there are food.
14. And there are loving persons who prepared.
15. Then, they surprised me with a wall full of photos... showing that I lived a happy life.
16. Together with those photos are messages from different people, friends and family... I am loved.
17. As we are having party, the room was place was filled with fun and laughter... I can still enjoy life.
18. I have a beautiful life ahead of me to celebrate...
19. And I am grateful for that.
20. The party ended the next morning, around 5AM... it went through happily, and nothing wrong happened.
21. We all went home... safely.
22. And still, we have a home.
23. And Erika has been with me still.
24. I had a good night rest that night/morning... I have peace of mind.
25. And as I woke up the next afternoon, my journey to 30 started... I have hope.
26. The least that I can do to thank the Lord for everything is to pray... I still know how.
27. And the connection with Him is still there... I have my faith.
28. I am blessed and I know that I am.
29. Because I love my Lord and I know that HE feels the same... and even more.
I am always contented with what happens...
for I know that God's decision are better than mine.

Isaiah 40:30-31

"Even youths grow tired & weary and young men stumble and fall;
but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles,
they will run and not go weary,
they will walk and not be faint."
O LORD, thank you for sustaining me through the hard times in my life.
Thank you for helping me soar, doing things for you that I never dreamed I could accomplish.
FATHER, thank you for blessing me during the everyday comings and goings of life.
For every good and not so good things in my life, I praise you and thank you...
In Jesus' name I pray... Amen.

Coke Open Happiness - World Record

29 May 2009
Dubai Creek Park - Ampitheater

fit for the very high temperature... the refreshing Coca-Cola :)
despite the heat, people gather to participate in the event of setting the
record for the most number of people opening bottles simultaneously...

and the rest are history!


special thanks to tikang, george and rowel :)

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