"Sinong bestfriend mo doon?"

I remember this line from a TV commercial during early 90's... (though I already forgot for which company/brand it is).

But the story, if I am not mistaken is about 2 kids, one's family will be leaving and the other stays...

I feel for that kid. I am the one who left. I was 14y/o when we first moved...
My life turned upside down... even though I know that there are No Goodbyes...

And guess what... Its been 15 years of almost ZERO communication.
Long enough that most of my GS and HS friends are now married and with kids...

And though our path has moved into different places and travelled in opposite directions in the world, the loooooong gap was never a reason to lose the friendship bond.

After some times, through the help of FB, I was able to talk with them again, and the 15 years or moooore was not long enough after all.
We were able to update each other in just one sitting!
Who - What - When - Where - How? Everything started on the first day that we separated.
The connection is something that is wonderful. We still sing the same tune... and though we were not seatmate for a long time, we are still sitting on the same bench... :)

The feeling is amazing!

It's like finding yourself again. Talking to a friend who knows who you were, decades ago... reminding you of those simple happiness... playing around the campus, exchanging notes during recess, and overnight letters as if you were not together for ages.
The gimiks after school hours, eating at our fave resto... ghost haunting... outing on weekends... simple things that shows what it takes to be happy.

Then, there's this flashback... when you're just wondering about this day, while you were just dreaming to be the person that you are now... and what happened in between...

After all this years, I am grateful knowing that we are still friends... and those promises written on those note pads that I've been keeping were all real...

Years passed. It feels sooo good to know that you still have them...
The promise of being Forever Friends was never broken and the answer to the question is still the same...

"Syempre, Ikaw lang!"

I Quit

Yes, I did...
Though its not good to hear... I am still proud to say that I AM A QUITTER :)
Not so long ago, just 2 months... and still counting :)

For almost 10 years (unconciously), I was a slave... addicted to this thing.
Time runs fast...
From just-want-to-experience became a habbit...
The habbit leads to addiction.

I can't start the day without a stick and a cup.
Go to bathroom with another stick.
Heading to work... another one.
Upon reaching the office, before entering the building... one more.
That's just before 9AM...
and I feel its a shame to list everything...

What made me decide to quit?
One reason... its because of love.
To our Lord God who is hurting everytime I puff and kill myself.
To my loved ones who never get tired of asking me to stop.
And to myself, who will carry on the disease...

How? I focused. Analyze the pros and cons...
After I realized that I was commiting suicide... and continously hurting people that I love...
I stopped.

It was not easy. I chilled.
Cravings sucks... but staying focus helped a lot.

Until one day, I just realized that I don't think about it anymore.
It was so gone in my system... that I even fail to remember that I was once addicted to it.
And I am happy and thankful that I quit.


Just yesterday, my cousin was rushed to the hospital because of chest pain and difficulty in breathing.
This morning, she said that it was Bronchitis.
Bronchitis is an acute inflammation of the air passages within the lungs, caused by several viruses, bacteria, chemical solvents and SMOKE.

I never imagine that this situation will ever happen... Me - giving advices on how to stop smoking?!?
And as I told her, maybe, she's the real reason why I quit, so that when this day comes, I can support and guide her all the way...

As we were 'chatting' I was able to give her some points on how to quit... shared my own experiences and some styles on how-to-do-it!

'The secret' is the WILL POWER.
Simple. Its not difficult to stop the addiction when yourself is determined to do it.

Presently, my cousin is at home, resting... please pray for her immediate recovery.
I know its never too late for her...
Now,she's decided to quit and I know that she can do it.

I was once on their shoes, those people who said... I can't.
But the truth... it's not I can't but I don't want to...
And that is the difference.

Moving Forward

What we call the beginning is often the end.
And to make an end is to make a beginning.
-T.S. Eliot

This week ended a phase in my life and started another.
I moved again from my 'comfort zone'.

For my 2 years of staying in Dubai, enjoying the -2-blocks-away-from-the-office, huge malls everywhere, world best blah blah blah and having all friends around... I turned my back on this 'expensive lifestyle' and will be having simpler life in another Emirate, which is Sharjah.

There are many reasons, and one of those is to keep focus on my goal of saving more and spending less :) Staying here in the luxurious city of Dubai means wasting more years away from my family.
Now, I have a better place, without any other person to share and free transport provided by company. What more could I ask for?

Though it means goodbye to the worlds bestssssss... it is saying hello to a another lifestyle!

Aside from my new place, next month, we will also welcome our new boss!
And as the saying goes, "every beginning is a consequence... every beginning ends some thing."

For this, I must admit that it is harder to let go.
Anxiety attacked me when I first heard the news... I am lucky with my boss. I am grateful for all the things I learned from him.

Letting go will pave way to new experiences with another person. I have to move forward and welcome the new boss, gain new knowledge and learn different style... I don't wish that he/she will be better, but atleast, just the same...

Starting this week... I will embrace new challenges that will surely add something to ME. New experiences and adventure that will make my life more fun and meaningful :)

After all, life is not just about beginnings and endings, as it is about going on... and on... and on...

God is good all the time!

and all the time, God is good :)

Despite everything that we used to call trials, we should have learned by now that He is good.
or I should say, He is the best!!!

Let me share to you Psalm 139:1-12 - God's Complete Knowledge and Care.

I have been quiet lately, maybe the tragedy that hits our country is one of the many reasons why.
Every time I start to create a post, I can't resist in using that as a topic.
It is advisable to post current events but it is so heart breaking for me... and I don't want my page to be source of sad news.
And besides, I have given my thoughts about that already...
- Panaghoy kay Ondoy - Sa Paghupa - Tsunami Strike in Samoa - Indonesia Earthquake -

Yet, amidst all the catastrophe and all the sad information that creates internet jams...
I want to shout this out.
Our God is good!!!

He who understands everything about us...
He who sees us wherever we are and whatever we do...
He who protects us and guide us and lead us to the right path...
He who brought us out from the dark...

He never leaves us.

and we should always remember that... specially now!

Another Special Day

It's already becoming a series :)
and I realized that most of the special people in my life were born on BER months!

My friend is celebrating her birthday!
She is my soul mate...
My bestest friend and enemy in one.

Usually, opposite attracts.
but to us, its the opposite of that :)

For the many years that we've been together,
we have shared common dreams.
We might have different points of view,
but we know that we are on the same ship.
There were ups and downs,
and together, we endure the pain and enjoy the victory.

Tested by times.
Hardened by storms.
Sharpened by joy.

We may be apart.
But we have a common heart.

I love you.
I am always here :)

Today is...

pansin ko lang.. we don't have recent photos together :(
bata pa si sabel sa mga photos na yan.
yet, yan ung mga golden years na di ko pagpapalit!
DONNA's at LOLA ELY'S Tapsilog...
Rum at COKE Litro

wag kang tumawa,
baka magising si Bakeks...
duty pa siya mamaya eh!
Wala daw pasok, punta tayo sa Centerpoint?
O bad trip ka at gusto mo na lang mag sound trip - lights off?
Teka, palabas ata sa HBO ung "The Stupids"
I-my-own-grandpa! remember mo?

Mga panahon na maliban sa tapsilog at pancit canton...
Mc Burger ang laman ng tyan natin kakabili ng Happy Meal!
Simpleng buhay... simpleng kulitan...
masarap gunitain. masarap balikan.
hindi man habang buhay na libre ang tawanan...
salamat pa rin na kahit minsan, ito'y ating naranasan :)

Ngayon nakatira tayo sa magkabilang mundo.
Umaga jan, gabi dito, tulog ka at gising ako.
Magkalayo man at maraming trabaho,
Salamat sa internet, parang magkatabi lang tayo!

Pokwang o Pantot un ang tawag ko sayo...
bakit nga ba di ko natutunang gamitin ang ATE sa pangalan mo?
Siguro kasi, di ko naramdaman :-)
MALAKI man ang agwat, pero parang wala lang.

Ngayon Birthday mo, naloka ka sa tula ko?
Gusto ko lang namang mag thank you sayo...
Sa lahat ng oras, nanjan ka lang...
Online o Offline, puede kang makontak :)

Gusto ko ring sabihin na may isa akong hiling...
Na sana ang Panginoon, ako ay dinggin...
Dalangin ko na sana, ang kasalan ay matuloy na...
Wag ka ng umarti, kasi matanda ka na :)
at sa araw na iyon, sa iyong pag martsa...
ako ang kakanta.... ung "Tameme" ni Jolina :)


Happy Birthday Poks!
Love you always!

nga pala... sagot ko na to!

Indonesia Earthquake: A wake up call

At estimated 1,100 people have been killed in the massive earthquake of 7.6 magnitude that strucks Indonesia and the toll is still expected to rise...


From Typhoon Ondoy to Tsunamu in Samoa...

Situation is indeed alarming!
Tragedy is everywhere...
I don't know whether I need to right my own version of news and data or simply post tolls and updates.
It's all over the web now. In every pages the I browse.
Photos of people mourning.
Death tolls.
Declaration of State of Calamities.
Flooded areas.
Collapsed buildings.
Washed out villages.

I'm searching for good news.
Or rather, I am hungry for some positive information...

And unfortunately, very seldom that we can see some encouraging pages these days.
Most discussed about calamity...
We'll because that is the reality.

Yesterday, I was talking to my Nanay and we discussed about the situation... she mentioned about the Book of Revelation from the Bible. Her voice was about to break as she told me to just come home, stay with them... not because we are thinking that it is the "end" but simply because she wants us to be together, when another disaster comes. The hardest thing in such trial is to face it, a thousand miles away from your loved ones.

I replied, "In sha allah" which means "If God permits."
Because we cannot plan according to what we always wanted... it won't come to reality without His grace. If there are lessons that I learned from these 3 disasters... these are:

1. We don't own tomorrow.
"Now, listen, you who say, 'Today or tomorrow, we will go to this or that city, spend a year there, carry on business and make money, why? You do not even know what will hppen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while, and then vanishes." - James 4:13-14

2. Do not live for money.
"Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust drstroy, and where thiees break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not break in and steal. For where your treasure in, there your heart will be, also." - Matthew 6:19-21

3. Be thankful.
"Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." -1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Many have lived for their tomorrow. Many secured their future through material things. They invest their lives in securing their future financially... yet, ignore living from day to day. Regretfully, time passed unnoticed.
Moments passed without realizing how blessed they were... disregard their gift of life. Instead, became proud what they have materially and complains when things didn't pursue according to their plans.

Unfortunately, many has disregard the real meaning of life and overlooked the importance of God in our existence.

And maybe, these tragedies are wake up call to us. To all who have lost their goals and who lose their souls.
"God is our refuge and strength, our ever present help in trouble." -Psalm 146:1

Want to read more Bible Verse?
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