One Peace

On our travel every morning, the traffic is getting worst. The 45 minutes travel time is now 1 hr. and 5 mins. Accident is always present on the road which adds few more minutes... But despite the heat and  the hot headed drivers, my extended morning nap re-charged my battery for the day.

Office as usual is busy and stressful - for them. But on my corner, being isolated from the rest is quiet and relaxed, as if there is a blanket that shields me from tension from the outside forces... work flows smoothly on my side. Follow ups were made, deadlines were met and everything is organized. And as I always say, I am blessed with kind hearted superiors... they are God's bonus gift to me.


What are you depending on?

What is solid in your world? Relationships? Money? Work? 
Almost all of us have learned that these things have a breaking point... Solid is relative.

Unless, of course, your life is built around God.
God neither bends nor breaks. He doesn't change.
He doesn't disappear. He doesn't fail.

God is the only "solid" that is truly solid.
All other things will let us down;
the unchanging God will be there until the end of time.

What's on your mind?

Familiar question?

We answer it every day if you are not the type of user who change their "Facebook - mind status" every minute. Who doesn't have an FB account? I know some who cancelled theirs already, for some personal reasons. I have thought of cancelling mine too, at one point...until I realize that somehow, we can use this as a tool for spreading the Good News.

If you are my friend, you can surely read Bible verse and some preachings or Biblical phrase on your news feed or ticker from my account, whether you like it or not! And that's what I like about it... being able to reach other people and share God's Words even to those who weren't reachable before.
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