One Sunny Day

We seldom see the beauty of our own backyard...
In the busy life that we have, we neglect to see what's instore for us in the surrounding environment.
And often, we plan to go far from our own place to relax and unwind.
But have we ever tried to look around you?
In your neighborhood? On the street next to yours?

On my previous post, you joined me on My Route  and you've seen the Sharjah-Dubai road on my way to work. The high rise buildings, vast dessert and the on-going constructions which symbolizes the continuous development and evolution of Dubai.

Now, let me show you one of Sharjah's beautiful spots.. the newly constructed buildings with ancient Arabic look... their old dhows and the new yachts...

I've seen the past and the future during this one sunny day - and a bright and shinny realization of what life was... is...  and would become.
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