there are rays

its the end of the month...
march was indeed a significant one for me. a lot of things happened.
good and not so good.
but i know all these have its own reasons... i may not able to understand everything now, but soon, it will all be unfold.

1st of march began at the end of february...
i was in manila. 28th feb is my father's bday. we had a party, from morning til night.
relatives and friends went to our home and joined the celebration.
it ended the following day.
1 march, the day that berks and family went to batangas for a reunion with nemo and friends...

the next weekend after that, i went back here in dubai.

ok. dont worry, i wont put my planner in here. you wont read my daily activities...

let me just share to you that indeed, i really had a happy march...
im not just comforting myself for the lost of my friend, or for the accident that happened to my nephew... but most of all, i am counting my blessings despite of all these tragedies.

i stayed in ph for 2 weeks. every minute of my stay was memorable.
my time was divided to my family and friends. not a single second was wasted.

i was able to spend time with tep for a couple of times. these are really happy moments. and i want to thank him for those memories.

i was able to enjoy the kids...

and as i went back here... my chair is still empty and tons of papers were on my desk, waiting for me. i still have the job that pay the bills...

life goes on...

last last weekend, we went to my friends new place... good for them.
the following day, we had a farewell party for another friend...
its a blessing that i still have them around.

last weekend was the rainy one.

and yes, it was! heavy rains flooded the city.
thunderstorms kept flashing at the dubai skyline.
its quite dark on this side of the planet...

and not so good things happened.
just as the rain pours from the clouds were the tears from my eyes...

both accident happened saturday night. a dark night for Earth Hour.
the world is literally darker... for one hour.
yet, its just for 60 minutes. and that made a big difference on Earth.

same as the seconds of reckless driving that brought my nephew to the hospital... and the seconds that took the life of my friend.

today, its not raining anymore. though there are still strong winds...
sun is not shining still, yet there are rays that makes the sky brighter than the past few days.

soon it will be over. the sky will be illuminated will sunlight.

and honestly, i am feeling a lot better.
i've cried a lot... i mourned. i worried.

and i prayed.
i surrendered everything to our Lord...

now, i can see that the sun is shining, despite the thick clouds that covers it.
and as the month closes, i know that the pain will all march down with it... :)

derick's right leg is still under observation. he had his 2nd operation just this afternoon... the 3rd will be on thursday.
he is a brave child. i know that he can make it. most of the doctors were amazed by his strength, as he watched them as they conduct the surgery...
his faith is as solid as a rock. they said he is so calm and peaceful. he is not blaming anyone for what happened. he knows that God will take care of him. thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray for him...
stephen is now at peace with our Lord... i cannot see him again but i know that he can see me all the time. it is sad but i know that its God's will. i am thankful that i had a friend like him. 14 years is quite short... but in the God's right time, we can be together again.

for our dear friend, stephen

prior to my dream about the baby...
i had another one. night before that...

i was in the kitchen of i dont which house, then a coffin was brought in with a guy inside. he died in an accident... again, the picture was very clear to me. i look closely to his head...
i went back to the kitchen... my nephew, derick was there. he told me that he wants to see the body as well. i said no, it was still fresh.

then i woke up.

the same night that derick had an accident with a motorbike...
my friend, stephen sy had the same. in his case, he was the one driving.

and unlike derick, he is in bad shape.
he was declared brain dead already... the doctors said there is only 5% chance to live if he will undergo a surgery. there is an internal hemmorhage and the brain is swollen and dislocated.
at this time, his family are just waiting for his dad to arrive from Taiwan, before they let go of him. he has been suffering a lot and only those machines keeps his heart pump...

its painful to let go. i hope i will be there to hug him for the last time.
stephen is a good friend and i know that even if he will leave us soon... he will always be there for us.

tep's life has been a wonderful journey. he is known to be naughty or even worst, a bad boy to many. drinks often... had a lot of girls... an easy go lucky guy.

yet, to us, his close friends, he has been the sweet, always present, supportive and funny friend.
a loving husband and father of two girls... and in two months time - will be three.
too sad that he will not be there to see his youngest...
a kuya to his two younger brothers... and a dear son to his parents.

he has left us with so many good memories.
im thankful that i spent time with him during my recent vacation... we were always happy together, and i will treasure those times that he is with us.

i dont want to think that he is the guy in my dreams...

we are still praying for miracle for a great friend that we truly love.
please pray for him... Thy will be done.

please pray for our Derick

last week, i dreamt of a new born baby... it was just a dream yet seems very real.
the picture was so clear. i can remember every details...
at first, the baby was so tiny, and so reddish... i still have in mind the close up picture of her cheeks and small eyes.
then, in the next day she gained weight, almost double her size and she was lying in a hospital bed. i even ask why not in a crib? then somebody said, "she wants her feet up..."

then i woke up.

that dream was so strange... i was bothered. i even thought that my sister - in - law might be pregnant again... i researched in read some dream interpretations. but i wasnt convinced.

yesterday, i was waiting for my nephew, derick, to be online. its been a week since we chatted. and i asked my cousin to call him...
i waited.
fifteen minutes maximum to turn on the PC and be online.
almost 30 minutes passed. his YM is still off.
i buzzed my cousin again.

then he said: something happened.
me: what?
who? what?
derick. hit by a motorcycle...

i dont know what else to say. i called them to know the details.

he had a leg surgery last night. his muscles were damaged.
he is still under observation til tuesday... needed to wait for his leg muscles to regenerate...

luckily, he is now out of danger.
God has always been so good to us. there are a lot of worst things that might happen to him, but He didnt allow.
it is so painful... tears keeps flowing from my eyes. i am worried but i know that God will keep derick from harm. He is the Great Healer... i believe that soon, i can see our derick walking again.

then i remember the baby in my dream. she wanted her legs up while she was sleeping.
i dont know if derick's legs are up... but what i know is that he is still in the hospital bed...
and he needs your prayers...

a rainy weekend

its time to say bye bye winter... all the signs are here!
sand storm last week and rainy weekend is approaching.

well, its not my first summer anymore.
compared last year, i was somehow thrilled with the 'summer thought' or rather afraid because of the heat... well, it just hitted 52 degrees last year. but as i've said, i worried too much then, until i realized that it was over.

according to the reports, there were some area wherein there were hailstones...
hmmm. not on our side of dubai. rain is enough for me to enjoy a great home sweet home weekend. :)

and i hope you too will have a beautiful one!

not just lucky... God loves me :)

At once, Jesus said to them, "Don't worry! I am Jesus. Don't be afraid."

Peter replied, "Lord, if it is really you, tell me to come to you on the water."
"Come on!" Jesus said. Peter then got out of the boat and started walking on the water toward him.

But when Peter saw how strong the wind was, he was afraid and started sinking. "Save me, Lord!" he shouted.

Right away, Jesus reached out his hand. He helped Peter up and said, "You surely don't have much faith. Why do you doubt?"

Matthew 14:27-31 NASB

i was once like Peter.
it seems that i teased Him.
ask Him something yet at some point, i turned my back and had some doubts.
the worst, i tried to solve things all by myself.
i dont know why it reached that point, but yes... with all my pride, i once refused to call on Him.
until such time that i was drowning with it...
and that's the nature of us, human...
we call and remember Him only when we're at the end of the rope.

but you know what, it doesnt matter to Him.
as long as you still have that faith that He can save you...
as long as you know how to pray... and to call on Him.
He will never abandon you... even if you abandoned Him many times.

from that experience, my faith grew
i've learned that He is true to His promises.
and now, more than ever... i can say that i trust my Lord fully.
with all my heart... with all my soul...
with all of me :)

your comments will surely give inspiration to others...
i hope you can also share a piece of your stories of faith.

Anilao, Batangas

March 2009
Anilao, Batangas, Ph
From Sunrise to Sunset

do i still need to say anything?

nanay's flowers

these are another flowers from my mother's little garden.
they are simple, yet they bloomed beautifully.
i know why.
because my mother takes care of them well.
waters them with love.
if they can only say a word...
definitely, they will agree!!!
well, they dont need to say a word.
its shown clearly.

i am proud of my mother.
just like these gorgeous flowers...
she raised me well.

sad tuesday 2

its another sad tuesday.
almost the end of the day... office i mean... yet i cant still figure out what to say.

there are a lot of topics playing on my mind... lot of stories to share from my vacation... also have some realizations that i want to share, about life, about love, about money and about happiness. but nothing really comes out from me.

its 10 minutes before the clock ticks 6PM, most people left already for the Dubai lynx, including our director...
i have all the time to write... i'm doing it... but i dont know what will be my next sentence.

i am not in the mood to write... or rather, i would say, not inspired to write.
yes! that's the word!!!

last night, i got this message from a friend:
"i'm leaving on a jetplane... dont know when i'll be back again."
yes! you can sing if you want to...
but for me, that made me sad.

the sender is my BLOG MENTOR. the person who pushed me to open this account. he guided me all the way and gave me all the technical and moral support that i needed.
he introduced me to the cyberworld :) twitter, SU, Digg, Wordpress... what is SEO, RSS Feeds, Adsense, yes, basically, everything.

we are chatting everyday, yet we only met once - just recently when he accompanied me to Philippine Embassy...

the thing is, his company was affected by the financial crisis...
and there is no other choice for now.

this is the reality...
nothing is secured.
this crisis hits everybody around the world.
it might be in different ways, but yes, we were all affected.

for me, i have learned that nothing really belongs to you materially.
in a snap or blink, all that you possesed may turn into dust.

its good that we have God. that we have faith. hope. love.
these wont be included in the debit notes...
banks cannot take it away...

everyday, i thank God that i still have my job.
that i still have my family and friends.
and that im still alive.

for in this world, we will never be secured.
but with God's love, we dont need to be afraid.

"For I am the Lord, your God, who takes old of your right hand & says to you, do not fear, I will help you." Isaiah 41:13

something came out :) yes! i already have a post, now!
to you... i cannot offer any help for now, except my prayers.
'til we meet again! ingat :)


Perya is Pinoy version of Carnival...
but smaller than the usual, because these mini rides and game stands are set to move from one place to another. they can be seen on different towns or 'barrios' during 'fiesta' (feast for the patron). It is usually set up in some empty lot or rice fields...

the celebration of fiesta will never be complete without Perya, where people, especially kids can ride the famous Ferris Wheel, Caterpillar and Octopus...
and also the game booths where players can win baso at plato (glass and plates) with just throwing coins at the board...
and not to mention the all time favorite Bingo with a grand prize of Sala Set (Sofa) or a Karaoke :)
and if you really want to win money... quickly :) you can play Color Game. you just simply choose a color, place your bet, and if the cubes' color matched yours, YALA! your money will be doubled!

i grew up with these Perya experiences... as a child, we always go there, with my tita alice - our banker :)
i can remember how we sneak out at night, when our grandfather is already sleeping (because he doesnt want us to go there)... and how our grandma gives 'baon' (allowance) for her apos (grandchildren) for the rides. YES! Lola allowed us. but not Lolo :)

i had a lot of childhood memories at Perya... and all are happy memories.

during my recent vacation, luckily, the Perya in the nearby barrio is still open, and that gave me a chance to be the banker... i am now the tita (auntie) of these kids. its my time to pass to them my happy experiences in this wonderland...

shoot the coin at the center of each box and you'll win the prize written on the box (above)
shooting the balloons
target shooting
- these 2 boys are shooters! (kokoi and derick) i can bet for a thousand for them :)
admittedly, i was shocked with the big difference of Perya compared to my time...
the rides are much bigger and wilder (unfortunately, there is no more Ferris Wheel and Caterpillar) and the cost of the games and the rides are so so expensive!
yet they still give away the same candies...
Bingo still have the sala set as the grand prize...
and most of all, the same smile that lasted with me will now be forever in their hearts...

Perya symbolizes how simple Filipinos are... and the joy that Perya gives are not the material things that we get from playing, but the happiness and wonderful memories as you spend time with the kids and the kids at heart :)

night of forever

tatay, nanay, kuya and tita elsa fetched me at the airport.
its passed midnight when we arrived home. kids were all sleeping...

that night, it was soooo dark... as we reached the door and turn on the lights, this is what i first saw...
touching, isnt it?
made by my 11 years old nephew, derick...
then, i rushed towards their room... just a couple of hugs and kisses, and they were all awake.
at first was silence, they were just staring at me, as if they were thinking if i am real.
derick *erica * exxon
after the realization... they all stood up, and we all went down to the kitchen...
cant wait for my favorites :)
sinigang (above) daing (below) na BANGUS!
pork HAMONADO (above) MUSTASA (below)
now, you can imagine how BIG i am, after that 2 lllllllllooonnnggg and lovely weeks...
after the delicious meal that i missed for 18 months, we opened my lagguage and gave away the pasalubong (gifts)...
as i can recall when we were kids, its the best part, everytime my ninang and tita bunso arrives :)
their excitement were priceless. how i wish i could give more...
yet, i had bloopers with my presents... our bunso suddenly wanted a gameboy since his Kuya got PSP and Ate got Nintendo, it was my mistake not to give him the same....

it kills me everytime i see this photo... he was so disappointed :(

but i gave him a remote control car that is zero gravity something *&^$@#!!! well, its cool! believe me! not the usual RC Cars, this time, its climbing, and even on the ceiling, upside down!

after some explanations and promises that he'll have his gameboy when i come back... and after checking his zerO gravitiy s#$%^&*thing, here he is...

proud as ever... with his new toy :)
that night, it was a lllloooonnnnggg happppppyy:) :) unforgetttttaabbbble night...
one great moment that will forever be on my heart... the feeling of being home again.
the warm welcome of my family... the happiness that somehow, even for a short period of time, we were together again.

Dubai - EK 333 - 19 Feb 09

Exactly 3 weeks ago.

Burj Dubai showed me a different look as half of it was hiding behind clouds... as if I should take a look at it from up above, since it was the day of my flight.
burj dubai view from jumeirah 2 (canon ixus)
God just love me so much... aside from the very good weather, there were no traffic jams along Sheikh Zayed Road, which seldom happens on weekdays. this was around 730AM and usually, it should be an office hour rush.

here's another glimpse of Burj Dubai as we pass the now called - Downtown Burj Dubai, just along Sheikh Zayed Road.

we reached the aiport around 8AM. ETD was 1030AM. just on the right time to settle everything. or rather, we were early, since there was no queue in the new Dubai Airport (Terminal 3) which is exclusive for Emirates Airlines.

i should have took more photos, but admittedly, i was russsshhhhhing... i still need to buy somethings from duty free... :)

and so, we were on board.

and ready for take off...

i was quite disappointed... for i was seated in the middle, not at the window side. though, i was able to steal some photos. i extended my arms towards the window while my seatmate was sleeping :)
yet, most of the time, he was awake since it was a morning flight... thanks to ICE for the entertainment... i watched 'bugs life' and 'toy story' :)
and the COLD or VERY COLD food was served... just on time after the first movie... as expected, it is best to sleep after meal... i'll be needing a lot of energy as soon as i reach home.
after 2 movies, 2 meals and one snack...
finally, we reached Manila. ETD 10:50PM (MLA time).
during this time... i dont know why my heart was beating fast. as if its my first time in the Philippines. the excitement was all around me... i cant wait to see them.
and again, im sorry... but as soon as we landed, i kept my camera on my bag...
i was on a hurry... and i know you'll understand :)
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