This New Year, Let Us Focus on Jesus

Has anyone written their New Years’ resolution? Any do’s and don’ts for 2014?

I have my to-do, and that is to diet and exercise again. I am hoping and determined to lose weight again and I planned to start it this New Year. Yes, I preferred to wait until tomorrow :) 
I think this goes to everyone. Each of us has their own plans as the year starts.
Yes. I also have my don’t-do-it-this-time list on my mind; things that I should stop doing. One of those is to sleep late or not having slept at all… (let me try!)

As Christians, I know we should not practice this New Year’s resolution list anymore, we should be living a life pleasing the Lord and not according to this list (the above were just examples).

We look at New Year as start of something new and something great. This is the best time for new endeavors; to step in a new opportunity or challenge.And this is also the perfect time to leave the past behind. Those things that we want to forget; experiences and difficulties that causes us pain. We can all move forward to start anew.


While watching this dancing fountain at Al Majaz Waterfront, my heart keeps singing Kumukutikutitap by Ryan Cayabyab...

I realized, that this is my 7th Christmas away from home.

Wow! How did I survive?

Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen.

A day to freeze. The last date this century with three consecutive numbers. :-)
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