most beautiful flower

"A family is a place where minds come in contact with one another.
If these minds love one another, the home will be as beautiful as the flower in the garden..."
- Buddha

the new face of KALI*dekada

KALI reached 10.
for those of you who doesnt know what KALI is - here you go.

together, we made each others' life more exciting. more meaningful. more challenging.
its been a decade, since we started to build our own separate dreams, yet, we pursue to achieve our goals, together.

after missing sparks... some sad tuesdays... differences that makes a difference... when love isnt all that matter... and wondering how long is forever...
it seems that we've finally reached that road.

and our journey continues.
we wont assume that it will be a smooth travel. we know that it will be a more difficult road... some ups and downs, re-routing, a lot of u-turns, and we might come to a point that it seems dead end. but we wont stop, as long as we are determined, it will always be a joyride, no matter what.

pursuing our passions.
things that we love doing. things that we want to do. things that we have to do.
taking one step at a time. being able to discover who we really are.

enjoying life.
being simply happy with what we have. being grateful for the people that we love. people that love us. people that are important to us.
being thankful for all the blessings that God has given us.

we are not a perfect story, yet we opened our windows and share our thoughts, our passions, our life... hoping that we can somehow give joy to other people through our photos and experiences. the lessons that we learned through the years... the struggles that we are facing... different adventures and discoveries...
join us, as we fulfill another dream... as we take another step in this journey of life.
and we are looking forward to your comments, we need those to improve.
we also want to learn from you :)

Mercure Grand Hotel

Mercure Grand Hotel, is a 5-Star Hotel located at 915m on Jebel Hafeet Mountain.
From Dubai, it is about 2 hours [including stop over for picture taking :)]. the travel is so comfortable as all the roads are smooth and not to mention that there is no traffic in Al Ain.

The Lobby
Upon arrival, we were greeted by very hospitable staff (Filipina) named Aysha. Assissted all the way to the doorstep of our room... we can say that all the staff are friendly.

The Room
They have 124 Rooms. All are well equipped to give their guests all the convenience. King size bed, Internet access, coffee table @ veranda... everything is excellent! of course, this is smoking room :)

The Mini Golf
our relaxing view from the veranda...

The Swimming Pool
that we did not dare to use.

Al Khayma Shisha Cafe
best spot especially during sunset

The Eden Rock
unfortunately, its close for the season. it is like a torch during the night, the light is too bright.

our overnight stay at Grand Mercure is one of the best weekend getaways that we had... they have friendly people, they serve good food (all buffet) and everything is so relaxing. all worth it!
Yes! certainly, I do!
what about you?
i hope you like the photos.
please leave a comment... even a smile will do :)

Jebel Hafeet

Last 06-07 February, we had one of the best weekend getaway experience :)
Jebel Hafeet is the most famous mountain in UAE, which served as boarder for UAE-Oman.
The mountain rises 1240 meters and offers an impressive view over the city.
At the foothills lies the Green Mubazzarah, a developed tourist attraction where hot springs gush forth in little springs and form a lake.
The Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road extends for 7.3 mi (11.7 km) up the mountain, rising 4000 ft (1219 m). With 21 corners and three lanes (two climbing and one descending), the immaculate road was called the greatest driving road in the world according to

The summit, has a huge open space / parking lot. From there, you can see the palace, which is owned by the Sheikh and the 5-Star - Mercure Grand Hotel... Not to mention the
vast land, desert, and the city of Al Ain that's so relaxing... the feeling of being so close in the sky and clouds seems within your reach is really unexplainable!!!
open space at the summit
the palace (above) & mercure grand hotel (below)
overlooking al ain, uae

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