Ending 2009

Indeed, it was a year.

2009 gave the whole world a history of good and not so good events; wide lists of calamities, tragedies, war, crisis, death...

We had felt the storm from the very beginning of the year at the war in Gaza.
People took advantage of the financial crisis and unemployment as they illegally recruit people to work abroad, just like those Filipino drivers here in Dubai.
Great people passed away...
There was the A H1N1 epidemic, worldwide...
Water covered Central Luzon by typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng... Tsunami washed the Islands of Samoa...
Indonesia Earthquake that took thousand lives...
Mindanao Massacre...
Flood is all over in KSA...
Huge fires burned dreams of many families on different parts of Manila, just before Christmas...
Recently, the 2 ferry disasters...


What more could we get?
There are one day left before 2009 closes... and we will never know what will happen tomorrow.

On all the above tragedies... are there any reasons to celebrate?

Definitely, if you are now reading this blog... you should say YES.
Because you are still able to read... and you have a computer... you have an internet... you have an electricity... you have time... you have life.

We had been pushed to our limits. Our faith has been tested through this most difficult times.
Each of us had our own share of sufferings...
And the only difference is on how we handle these hardships.
How we manage the pain.
How we cling to His words, and hold onto His promises.
On how we live by faith, and asked patiently for mercy and grace.

On one of the darkest year that was, we manage to stand.
We may not realize... but yes, we survived.

"...but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint."
Isaiah 40:31

HE is faithful

My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude.
I am thankful that I was able to meet Him.
I am blessed for being His child.

Maybe last month or even month before that, I've discussed with my very close friend about God's generosity. I can remember how I wonder about God's grace... for He has blessed me with so much, yet I know that I am not worthy...

I don't count my blessings on material things that I have... more than that, I am thankful for a lot of reasons.
  For having a happy and loving family, for their good health, for keeping them safe.
  For finding a new church and family in Sharjah that embraced us warmly.
  For my bestfriend, who stays with me all these years.
  For giving me friends and for knowing who are true and not.
  For my job, a fair boss and good colleagues. I am thankful that our company is surviving despite all the crisis.
  For this life that He bestowed upon me... my simple happy life that I really enjoy.

  For the wisdom that He gives, that I may understand right from wrong...
  For the love that He shared, so I can share it to others as well...
  For the strength that He provide, so I can stand the hardest storms...
  For the faith that He builds up on me, so I will never ever give up...

  And most of all, for the birth of our Lord God, Jesus Christ, who saved me from all my sins and cleanse me and made me worthy of all His blessings...

For all the mentioned above, and many more unaccounted,  I have told my friend that somehow, I am ashamed on myself... my hands are always open wide in receiving abundant blessings from Him... but, have I give anything back? Am I worthy of all these?

And my friend told me that I should not question God's generousity. Because He is a giving God.
He promised to provide us all that we need...

"For the Lord is good and His love endures forever; His faithfulness continues through all generations..."
 Psalm 100:5

On my prayers, I don't ask for anything more than what I need. I keep on telling Him that He knows my heart's desire...

Yet He still blessed me with so much...and answers my prayers on His perfect time!

I hope not to sound too proud about my faith...
All I want is to be a living testimony of God's words... to share with you how generous He is in blessing those people that put their trusts in Him.

"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well."
Matthew 6:33

Simply Happy

Sorry for not posting for quite some time...
December, as always is the busiest month of the year.
And it rolled double for me... adjusting to my new boss and living in our new home :)
Actually, we had some holidays, but of course, I won't spend it sitting all day in front of computer to write... sorry, but I also have a life :)

but then again, I am here to share some with you...

Eid Al Adha passed... we had 4 straight days off :)
and it was all well spent.
Not the same as how we celebrate before. No out of DXB trips... No shopping... No Malling!!!
Instead, we had simple hang out with our new found family... we attended to our newChristian church in Sharjah and enjoyed exploring the new place where we live.

(Qanat Al Qasba - Sharjah)

It was more of having quality time... to rest, relax and pause for a while.

(Buhaira Corniche - Sharjah)

This new world is totally the opposite of what we had in Dubai.
Yes, this is the "worst - traffic" destination in the UAE, but it is nothing compared to the peaceful life that we are enjoying.
2nd December - the UAE 38th National Day. It's celebrated all over the Emirates.
Sharjah, of course is one of them, and for the first time, we were able to witness the fun.

Last year, I shared with you how I admire the Emirati for their patriotism during the 37th UAE National Day. And this year, I was there on the street, watching these people celebrating their country's Independence... looking at these proud and happy people waving their flag as high as they could.

The above events are not new to me, the only difference is that this year, it gave me a new meaning.
I may be stuck in traffic once in a while... far from huge malls and world's largest... but the life that I am living is greater than before.

We are now far from the race track, where time runs fast, and leave unnoticed.

I have found happiness through these moments, and I finally have a new home...
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