God is a Great Fixer


I am a sinner... and we all are.
I have God... and we all have.
I accepted Him as a Lord of Savior of my life... have you?

People who knew me atleast 5 years ago can testify how much I've changed.
Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually... this isn't me few years back.

My life is a mess, and I have made several decisions that made it worst... wrong moves, wrong choices, wrong motives, wrong beliefs... until I quit.

Another Summer Passed...

It's a lovely day out there! Bright sunny day with cool breeze of winter wind.
Summer is finally over... just as quick as October.
Time runs fast; I have counted several summers here in UAE and have waited with enthusiasm for winters. This transition is significant for me. If you have noticed, I have written few blogs about this, annually -- when its almost winter.

What makes this time remarkable for me?
I guess, being in the Middle East, knowing that you are in the desert, having experience the heat of summer and have survived it,  makes this time an extra special above the other phases.

During this time, it feels good to look back few months back... while you are covering yourself from the sun and the hot wind that blows on your face. The feeling of survival and victory that you have overcome the scorching heat of summer.

This year, blazing wind blew several times... I know its not only me, but many of us had a searing summer.

Following Jesus is never easy

God didn't promise a day without pain, 
laughter without sorrow, sun without rain...
But He did promise strength for the day, 
comfort for tears and light for the way. 

How many times have you read that phrase?
It might be in your email inbox, FB friend's wall, twitter status...
I have seen it several times already... and every time I read these lines, it still gives me a great impact.

Following Jesus is never easy.
It's an struggle between yourself and your inner being...between knowledge and wisdom... between knowing and understanding... between life and living. A tug of war between past and future...

Travelling along this road is the bumpiest ride that you can experience. It's not always straight, smooth road to drive. There are stop lights that will show green to go, yellow to slow down and red to stop. There are radar for over speeding drivers. Others might have GPS for quick guide, while some hold maps for guidance. You might think that you know the way, but you missed the route.

You'll have stop overs. You'll see old and new faces; you'll be friends with strangers while you'll lose some of your so called friends.You'll have a family out of many families, and you'll have an obligation and responsibility to each of them... .

On the crossroads, you'll meet the person that you hate, the person that you love... someone that you thought you knew all along, but was a total stranger after all -- yourself. You'll learn to let go of who you were and start to become who you really are...

It's A Beautiful Day

I initially started my post with these lines - I missed blogging because...
And I came up with 6 excuses. 
As I continue on my 7th, I realized that I was just fooling myself with all those reasons... 
and the bottom line is that I failed to manage my time and I was not focus at all. 

To be fair with me :), I was also pre-occupied with many things... both on work, personal and extra curricular. At office, I was given additional accounts to manage; on personal note, my parents and auntie just left after a month of vacation here in UAE, and my extra curricular - are the most important things among the three, for those are my commitment to WIN Sharjah church ministries. 

Now, are my reasons valid? :-) 

Maybe, but still I found myself guilty. 

Guilty for not fulfilling my promise to you and my commitment to share how marvellous God is. 

I know I have said I MISS YOU several times already. I have expressed my innermost desire to be with you on the pages of KALI. But I have failed you many times... 

Now, I'll try again; let me start by saying: KALI's back! TODAY ---

Today, I do not have a huge story to tell. 
But I have a huge God Who do mighty things that I can share...

Do You Have The Key?

This is one lesson that I learned from the forty five days gap, I MISS YOU, remember... and as I promised, I will share stories that happened  in between :-)

As the clock ticks at 5PM, my adrenalin goes up... I will cross-check all my to do list for the day and will immediately follow up all the pending jobs that were needed. I usually put pressure on my colleagues esp from finance by pointing finger on my watch...
Some walking along the hallway, few phone calls, and before I knew it, its already 6pm... finally!!!

That is me, normally.

Today, admittedly, not all jobs on my list were checked, and not all the mails were marked completed... I left my desk with some pending jobs... I was rushing to go home because there are some things that I wanted to do. That's why even if there were some jobs that needs to be sorted, I shut down the computer and ran...

Who needs a break?

Few minutes ago, I felt so tired and restless...
I needed a break.

I first thought of making a chai but I didn't find my mug in the pantry, so I erased the tea break on my mind.
I walk along the corridor and went to toilet to freshen up.
Ate was there... the Filipina cleaner.

As I was washing my hands, I took a deep breath and sigh - "Hay kapagod!"
Suddenly, Ate said in a very calm voice, "Sinong mas pagod sa atin?"


It took me a while before I finally find the right words to say..."Oo nga po, kayo maghapon ng naglilinis. Masakit na po kasi mata ko sa harap ng computer."
Ate said, "Nakakapagod din ung mag isip ano? Pero malaki naman ang bayad sa inyo, sulit naman."

In few seconds, all the weariness that I felt seems to escape from me... crawling away from my complaining body, not wanting to hear another word from Ate's sad and frustrating story.

I Miss You

It's been one and a half month since you read something from me.
I am sorry for the gap... for the silence.

The past 45 days was not dull nor empty that there was nothing to write...
Instead, it was a very hectic 45 days for me that might equal to 90 days to others.
Most of the time, my 24 hours was never enough for one day and it usually ends with another day.

I may be as busy as a bee... but I was never been this happy.

I had several experiences that I should share...
I have compiled them in my mind and in my heart. The lessons that I learned, the people that I met, the moments and the experiences... you can read them all in the coming days.

For now, I want to tell you that I really do miss you.
Its been a week that I have this passionate desire to say something again here in my blog... To open my dashboard and write.
In the past week, I felt guilty for not fulfilling my commitment of sharing something to you.

I know I am not oblige.

One Sunny Day

We seldom see the beauty of our own backyard...
In the busy life that we have, we neglect to see what's instore for us in the surrounding environment.
And often, we plan to go far from our own place to relax and unwind.
But have we ever tried to look around you?
In your neighborhood? On the street next to yours?

On my previous post, you joined me on My Route  and you've seen the Sharjah-Dubai road on my way to work. The high rise buildings, vast dessert and the on-going constructions which symbolizes the continuous development and evolution of Dubai.

Now, let me show you one of Sharjah's beautiful spots.. the newly constructed buildings with ancient Arabic look... their old dhows and the new yachts...

I've seen the past and the future during this one sunny day - and a bright and shinny realization of what life was... is...  and would become.

Music and Me

I love to sing.

I can sing all day with the magic sing. I know a lot of videoke songs.
I love music.
I can survive all day without TV, but please, I need music.

I am a frustrated singer...
It's not that I'm out of tune; because I know the tones so well...
But I do not have the voice -- of a singer.
My voice is flat... that's the big problem!

My Route

This is my daily route.
From my place to office.
1 hour and 30 mins travel - one way.

This is my pick up point.
It's along Al Khan.

This is where my journey begins, every morning...

Am I Late?

Let me start my first blog of 2011 by a late greeting of  
A Blessed New Year to you and your family!!! 
I hope and pray that my blog reached you, just on time...

Why am I late?
How come I missed posting blogs for Christmas day and New Year on this page?
2010 for me is one of the best year of my life.
I was able to enjoy life.
I still have my family, my relatives and my friends... all in good condition.
And most of all, I have God and He keeps me.

What else can I ask for?


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