Another Summer Passed...

It's a lovely day out there! Bright sunny day with cool breeze of winter wind.
Summer is finally over... just as quick as October.
Time runs fast; I have counted several summers here in UAE and have waited with enthusiasm for winters. This transition is significant for me. If you have noticed, I have written few blogs about this, annually -- when its almost winter.

What makes this time remarkable for me?
I guess, being in the Middle East, knowing that you are in the desert, having experience the heat of summer and have survived it,  makes this time an extra special above the other phases.

During this time, it feels good to look back few months back... while you are covering yourself from the sun and the hot wind that blows on your face. The feeling of survival and victory that you have overcome the scorching heat of summer.

This year, blazing wind blew several times... I know its not only me, but many of us had a searing summer.

Following Jesus is never easy

God didn't promise a day without pain, 
laughter without sorrow, sun without rain...
But He did promise strength for the day, 
comfort for tears and light for the way. 

How many times have you read that phrase?
It might be in your email inbox, FB friend's wall, twitter status...
I have seen it several times already... and every time I read these lines, it still gives me a great impact.

Following Jesus is never easy.
It's an struggle between yourself and your inner being...between knowledge and wisdom... between knowing and understanding... between life and living. A tug of war between past and future...

Travelling along this road is the bumpiest ride that you can experience. It's not always straight, smooth road to drive. There are stop lights that will show green to go, yellow to slow down and red to stop. There are radar for over speeding drivers. Others might have GPS for quick guide, while some hold maps for guidance. You might think that you know the way, but you missed the route.

You'll have stop overs. You'll see old and new faces; you'll be friends with strangers while you'll lose some of your so called friends.You'll have a family out of many families, and you'll have an obligation and responsibility to each of them... .

On the crossroads, you'll meet the person that you hate, the person that you love... someone that you thought you knew all along, but was a total stranger after all -- yourself. You'll learn to let go of who you were and start to become who you really are...

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