almost winter

this is the most awaited season here in UAE...
finally, goodbye summer :) see you next year!!!

this year's summer was our first.
i can remember how tense i was when people were sharing me their stories during summer time, when the temperature hits 50 plus.

i am not an aircon baby... but i am not used to heat as well.
i perspire a lot.
that is why i was really worried when the hot temperature season is fast approaching.

how can i go to work? just standing outside our villa kills me... what more when waiting for a cab in pants & long sleeves - under the sun - for almost 30 minutes???? how can i survive?

is taking a bath 2x a day enough to keep me fresh?

then, unconsciously, it was summer.
and you read it right, i was somehow unconscious...
it didnt affect me that much.

during that season, i had carlift. if not, i still managed to go to Al Wasl Road (main road) and waited for taxi... i sweat, but not that much as i expected. as if it was all mind over matter...

i still arrived fresh in the office. sometimes, i retouched. and still was able to cope up with it.
at night, i was still able to walk, from office going home. its a 20 mins walk. and rather than to self - pity - me, i used those times to think, to unwind and to exercise. its not that bad...

and now, the season ends.

i was worried with things that i never knew about...
it took many hours of my life thinking how to survive in something that i havent experienced.
realizing that those things that i feared most were all under control... and its all over now.

don't tell me that worry doesn't do any good. i know better. the things i worry about don't happen :)
let's welcome, winter...


flydragon said...

I know just what you mean. We dread the coming of something we've never experienced and therefore make it out to be a lot worse than it really is. When it does happen we think, hey, this is a piece of cake, what was I so worried about?

KALI said...

you know what, some told me that summer here is like living inside an oven... and the worst... when going outside is like entering a sauna or having a steam bath!!!

hahaha... i really got crazy about that!

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