Bathroom Diaries: Buntis

My colleague will be a mom again, for the second time. Her first will turn 2 on October. We are not close but we know each other good enough. 

So she announced that the 2nd baby is on its way; and I congratulated her gladly. As expected, she teased me asking when can I have mine. I told her that I can't conceive alone :)

Celebrate Life

Today, I am celebrating my 34th.

Probably, I am stepping at the half stage of my life... more or less... maybe. 

My FB account was flooded with greetings from family and relatives, friends, former classmates, church family, acquaintance and career connections.

Yes, even in people, there are categories, and that is the reality; as time passes by, I realized that there are different level of relationship for every people that surrounds us
As we grow more mature, our friends became less in numbers. Others became not just friends but family to us; they are those few who stayed all throughout... while others left when things get rough. As the saying goes, I'd rather have one true friend than hundred fake ones. 

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