Bangkok Temple Visits

Shopping and Temple visits are the 2 major things to do when in Bangkok... that's what I always see on blogs and trip advisory. However, I never imagined that there are more that 400 wats (temples) around BKK, just like the mosques here in UAE.

Considering that we were are in Muslim country, with a very conservative culture, we were able to adapt easily on their Buddhist cultures although they are of different faith. Respect other's culture and understand their belief is basic and important things to practice when travelling.

From my previous post, we Cruise Along the Chao Phraya River... and this is the same route that we took to reach the temples...

THE GRAND PALACE | the spiritual heart of Thai Kingdom
Built in 1782 - and for 150 years the home of the Thai King, the Royal court and the administrative seat of government

Cruise Along Chao Phraya River

I had a 5-days short visit to Thailand. It was my first time and admittedly, I didn't have much expectations since they always compare it to Manila.

That is one good thing that I learned from travelling; the places is not exactly what it was on Google, so its better to expect less and be surprised rather than get frustrated. And yes, BKK surprised me... being a Filipino, somehow its painful to admit that it is way better than Manila...

Travel time from Dubai to Bangkok is about 6.5 hours. We arrived in the afternoon.


Most of the time, when we are at the most comfortable moment of our lives... God will suddenly instruct us to stand up from that lazy boy couch and asks us to step out from that cozy place. 

When you can see the beautiful life ahead of you and all your dreams seems coming true...  He will make you realize that these things aren't the one that really matters. 

For quite some time now, God has been asking me to move out from my comfort zone. Admittedly, I am hesitant. I tried to make excuses, and I mean really good excuses... but when He calls you, I believe we can only delay but we can never say no. 

It's been years of constant struggle, the burden is there. I know there is something else that He wants me to do, however, I have many lousy reasons not to respond... 
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