Music and Me

I love to sing.

I can sing all day with the magic sing. I know a lot of videoke songs.
I love music.
I can survive all day without TV, but please, I need music.

I am a frustrated singer...
It's not that I'm out of tune; because I know the tones so well...
But I do not have the voice -- of a singer.
My voice is flat... that's the big problem!

My Route

This is my daily route.
From my place to office.
1 hour and 30 mins travel - one way.

This is my pick up point.
It's along Al Khan.

This is where my journey begins, every morning...

Am I Late?

Let me start my first blog of 2011 by a late greeting of  
A Blessed New Year to you and your family!!! 
I hope and pray that my blog reached you, just on time...

Why am I late?
How come I missed posting blogs for Christmas day and New Year on this page?
2010 for me is one of the best year of my life.
I was able to enjoy life.
I still have my family, my relatives and my friends... all in good condition.
And most of all, I have God and He keeps me.

What else can I ask for?


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