I Miss You

It's been one and a half month since you read something from me.
I am sorry for the gap... for the silence.

The past 45 days was not dull nor empty that there was nothing to write...
Instead, it was a very hectic 45 days for me that might equal to 90 days to others.
Most of the time, my 24 hours was never enough for one day and it usually ends with another day.

I may be as busy as a bee... but I was never been this happy.

I had several experiences that I should share...
I have compiled them in my mind and in my heart. The lessons that I learned, the people that I met, the moments and the experiences... you can read them all in the coming days.

For now, I want to tell you that I really do miss you.
Its been a week that I have this passionate desire to say something again here in my blog... To open my dashboard and write.
In the past week, I felt guilty for not fulfilling my commitment of sharing something to you.

I know I am not oblige.
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