The System is Down!

This is what I just heard from the accounts and finance room. So now, at 4PM today, they are on siesta... actually, we were on siesta :)
There are not much work these days and people still has the so called 'holiday hang-over'! Plus the fact that it's weekend again... no body is in the mood to work any more!

Yet, despite of the less stress week, people seems restless and tired.
They walk as if they are racing. They talk in high pitch. Most were so focused on their computers as if they are answering some mathematical equation...

Sadly, we were used to being in motion at all times that we tend to forget to pause for a while. Even when there are opportunity to sit back and relax, we chose to keep ourselves busy.

SSNHL Episode

Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss.

After seeing 3 ENT Specialist, 2 Otolaryngologists, a Neurologist, an Internist and a Dentist;  I was diagnosed to have SSNHL.
To those of you who are like me that just heard about this, you can click the link and check; that was what actually happened to me. I have also shared with you my personal experience when The Adventure Begins, with the initial diagnosis from ENT here in Dubai, before we headed to Manila as I was Listening With One Ear.

My audio gram : PTA 0.00
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