Vision Board

3 years ago, I started to create and believe in the vision board - as mentioned in Rhonda Byrne's The Secret - Understanding the law of attraction - and the power of positive thinking.

My first vision board was not a board at all, I just posted a DVD cover of the movie - Dubai on my cabinet. It was 2007. Few months after that, I found myself in UAE.

My Cup and The Bread

One dose a day... at least?!?

Since I chose to stay healthy... I tried to have (as much as possible) only one cup a day. Though there are times that I took two -- one at night with friends. Compared to almost 7 + cups before... maximum of 2 cups is a breakthrough in my healthy lifestyle :) 

For Them

I lit this candle today for them...
Them, who was once with us in this journey
People who shared a portion of their life with us
They, who extended their love unconditionally
and touched our hearts wholeheartedly.
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