Happiness Overload!!!

It's 1AM.
I am so awake.
And sooo happy.

It's been 9 days since my parents arrived for vacation here in the UAE...
Cloud 9 for me and my brother. Every minute was so precious, so memorable...
I just can't shout loud enough to tell you how happy I am now.

This is their first travel out of the country.
A dream come true...

The happiness was really overloaded.
Our hearts were shouting for joy.
Giving thanks and praise to our Lord God who made this possible.

Indeed, He is an awesome God.
He fulfilled His promises to those who believe...

Meeting My Momay

Oh my... Momay! :)

FYI: Momay is Philippine TV's version of Casper.

Every night when I reach home, she hugs me tight...
Yes! and that  keeps all my hair up until midnight!
When I kiss our babies, Macs, Tiqueng, Riqqa and Dyoni, I am aware of her sweet kisses too...
I can feel her presence somewhere in our little home that is "only for two".

Admittedly... I am  afraid of ghost! For the reason that they are GHOSTS!!! and who is not, by the way?

I don't know if they really exist...
But I had few encounters with them. I am aware that 'its them' or 'they're it'...

Recently, I shared with you my drama of being HOME alone but not lonely...
I can actually give an excellent grade for myself because I know that I have achieved my goal... Until now, this experience is teaching me a lot and I am enjoying it, everyday... I am growing... :)

Back to Momay...

Born Free

Have you ever doubted His might and power?
Have you ever felt that He is deaf, and not hearing your prayers?
Do you feel tired waiting for miracles to happen?
Or did you gave up that faith and let go of His promises?

Not all the time, life is easy
Each of us has our own misery...
Today the sun smiles and you may feel lucky
Yet tomorrow is cloudy and you might not be happy.

We cried out in prayers, asking for help
Or we jumped for happiness, for the blessings that we have
Everyone has his own burden, a trial to resolve
And the gifts also differ, depending on what our life needs to hold.


In the word Christian, what will happen if we remove CHRIST?
I-A-N was left...


Again, this is stock knowledge, something that I learned during grade school...
Yet from then on, it was glued on my mind... a post-it reminder that keeps echoing in my memory.

Without Christ, I Am Nothing.

To be a Christian... all we need is Christ.
This very simple fact has always been the missing link to connect other 'Christians' to reality... we tend to make things complicated... tried hard to do what 'we think' will save us and will make us worthy of His grace.

We may have done the greatest act of charity... donated millions... save people's lives... send many kids to school... serve country with all honesty... sacrificed your personal happiness for others... even gave your life to someone else...

Yet, its nothing, unless we accept Christ.

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