Dubai Metro 09-09-09

9 minutes and 9 seconds after 9 in the evening
on the 9th day of the 9th month in the year '09

Dubai, again made a history on the inauguration of
The Largest Automated Driverless Metro System in the World.

The Dubai Metro is the first railway transport in the GCC, with inital opening of 10 stations from the 29 Red line station and 18 Green Line stations, which will all operate on 2010, already had a record of 114,000 passengers on the first 2 days.

The interiors of the stations are uniquely designed based on the four elements of nature: water, air, fire and earth. All stations are fully aircontidioned. Equipped with world class facilities based on international standards. There are platform screen doors for passengers' safety. They also have the record of the largest undergound metro station in the world - the Union Square station.

Stations along SZR have bridge across the highway.
Fully airconditioned with walkalators.
up to the ceiling and down to the floor...
inside the station and outside the door...
Dubai has stepped another milestone.
with all the worlds' best...largest and now... driverless!!!
Its not my first time to ride a Metro.
I first experienced that when I was still a kid... the LRT in Manila, which is so far behind compare to this Dubai Metro.
and come to think of it, riding metro is a part of everyday journey by most Filipinos since 1980s. yet Dubai Metro is the first in GCC.
and as I tour around with the Metro, I saw families, different type of people who were amazed, having rode the train for the first time in their lives...
and I realize, its worth the wait for them.
because despite the overcrowded passengers, and not to mention the "perfumes" that covers the
air, their Metro deserves the title of the World's best.
many incident that caused delays were acceptable, since its still on trial period.
in our country, we already have 3 (MRT, LRT1 & LRT2).
but still, its nothing compared to this.
we had it earlier. but they have it better.


Petulamenggayisms said...

GALING NG ENTRY MO BERK! Miss you and Tikang!

KALI said...

thanks berk :)
happy to hear that from you.

miss you too!

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