Bye Bye Love

I believed when u said that we'll see each other in the right time...
And that someday our path will cross again.

Summer ended and cool wind is here
Embracing me on this cold and lonely evening
Somehow I am wishing that you're here beside me
And we are praying together that God will bless us endlessly.

Star Light, Star Bright

The cool breeze is here again...
Summer of 2010 will soon be over;  an unforgettable one for me, the best summer I had here in M.E.

Being excited for winter, I decided to take a walk along Buhaira corniche tonight.
And yes, its almost winter!

A for Effort

Few days back, I wasn't sure if I was just experiencing another 'holiday hang-over' -- but that was not the first time that I felt bored at work... it's all over my head and I felt that I do not want to create another job nor talk to anyone regarding work again.

I missed the thrill... the excitement in coming to the office everyday.
Everything seems monotonous... numbers and computation irritates me... not to mention some people who I felt were insatiable and so insensitive. I know it was alarming -- because I started to hate my job :(

I somehow felt depressed... but I have to drag myself to go to work. There are days when I will just sit and stumble at the net, replying only to urgent matters... the rest of the jobs... I just ignore them. My self-esteem was so low... thinking that this is not the job for me...

Everything changed after one phone conversation that I had with my Ninang.

I Saw The Signs...

...but I rejected it.

How many times do we need to ask for it?
And how many confirmations do we need for us to believe?

As human beings, we always want to be 101% sure in every step that we'll take.
We need a guarantee that this will turn out the way we wanted it to be.
An assurance that we are on the right track...

Hence, because of that, we tend to limit our capacity.
By playing safe, we are not able to maximize our potentials... and not giving our best in things that we do often results to frustrations.
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