Bye Bye Love

I believed when u said that we'll see each other in the right time...
And that someday our path will cross again.

Summer ended and cool wind is here
Embracing me on this cold and lonely evening
Somehow I am wishing that you're here beside me
And we are praying together that God will bless us endlessly.

Will it be real or is it just me --
Who prays that us will forever be happy?
Will I hold on or forget you totally?
I'm losing hope though I know I shouldn't be.

Few more months, and that's all I have...
Through the years that I was prisoner by your love.
Maybe or maybe not, but I guess I'm giving up
I cannot hold on forever to this thing that I call love.


Anonymous said...

Hello! Is this about you? Let me know if you need anything!

KALI said...

HI Cuz!
No worries, I'm doing fine.
It's just a thought.. :)

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