My Cup and The Bread

One dose a day... at least?!?

Since I chose to stay healthy... I tried to have (as much as possible) only one cup a day. Though there are times that I took two -- one at night with friends. Compared to almost 7 + cups before... maximum of 2 cups is a breakthrough in my healthy lifestyle :) 

My cup is part of my morning routine. I couldn't start and work properly without this 'ritual' of preparing and enjoying this energy booster. A drink that awakens my body and sets my mood to work... its like a battery fluid that runs through my veins, going up to my brain. When all the pathways were filled with this fluid... then, I'm all set for the day. 

That is me -- physically. 

But there is something more powerful than my cup. 

The Bread of Life. 

I may drink one gallon of coffee in the morning... but missed having 'A BITE' of the Bread of Life -- and I'll be dead.

See how powerful it is??? 

We do not even need one loaf... a bite will do, at least... to fortify us with all the power that we'll need. Few words that serves as the vitamins of our soul... sentences that strengthen us and to keep moving throughout the day, in every day of our lives.

Blessed is the one who reads the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take heart what is written in it, because the time is near.
Revelation 1:3

I was once like the boy from the Forwarded Messages -- Basket of Water, who wonder what good Bible reading gives to people... but as years passed, while reading and studying.... (though I seldom memorize, even my favorite verses...) I felt that deep within my heart, the Words that were planted are growing , day after day. 

I know there are changes in me... inside and out. It's not intentional... It didn't happened overnight. But as time passes, I just suddenly felt that I became (and I claimed I am) a better person, for I have stronger faith and a deeper relationship with Him. 

The process is effortless... the reward is priceless...
Now, we can see Daily Verse all over, from Facebook, Twitter, Stumble... anywhere on any sites. 

The Bread can be found in different packages, but the content will always be the same... 
It's not for sale... because It's free! 
There's no expiration... because the life span is until eternity...

One bite and live right :) 


Anonymous said...

Hi Ate Lizzie! Glad to read things are going well for you. Love you!

KALI said...

Thank you Pikingks :)
looking forward to share more stories with you, personally.

love you...

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