Listening With One Ear

I've been sick for a month already.
As I mentioned on my previous post, The Adventure Begins...
I'm getting used to the buzzing sound from my left ear, though being deaf is a different thing. It's embarrassing at  times, it is really difficult to catch up on conversations. But aside from the imbalance and headache... I am fine. 

Though it is alarming that I am becoming comfortable in listening with one ear... 

Last week, my brother and I flew back home for my medication. It was another test of faith as we were only chance passengers; the flight was full on our first attempt. We needed to wait for another day for the next flight.

On our way home, I prayed and claimed that God will give us seats on the next flight, may His will be done. But as we reached home, I went straight to the computer and search for some alternative routes. Malaysia first came to my mind. I checked flight details and the connecting flights. I even wrote them down; making it my 2nd option, if the Manila flight is full on our next attempt. Then I searched for few other options... but the Malaysia flight seems to be the best.

I asked my brother, who was sleeping then to check the details. He said it's fine, and he asked me back... I had second thoughts. Half of me is saying, go! while the other half seems to challenge my faith. Then I said, no, because I already claim that God will give us a seat on the Manila flight, the most convenient since it is direct flight.

The day passed; we rested well... and then came midnight. Again, we were at the Dubai International Airport, on stand by, waiting for our chance... My brother, who is a ground staff at the airport was informed that there was only a little chance to get a seat. Is it time for plan B?

Initially, I refused; still holding on to the direct flight, praying quietly at the lounge, asking God to give us a seat on Manila flight. Few minutes before they closed the flight, you can feel the tension at the staff travel area. There are also other staff hoping to get in...

With God's grace, we saw an old friend who was in duty that time for Malaysia flight. She confirmed my brother that there were enough seats available. There was only 10 minutes difference for boarding schedule from Manila flight. Another friend of my brother helped him in sorting out our tickets.  And before I knew it, I just saw our names, flashing on the stand by mode for Malaysia... just in time before we saw the red marks for Manila flight, stating 'declined'.

Things happened very fast... I just realized that we were already checking in for Malaysia, before they close the flight... few more minutes after that, we were seating comfortably at EK A380 plane, bound to Malaysia.

It was a 7-hour travel from Dubai to Kuala Lumpur; and from there to Manila will be another 4 hours.

For this plan B, I am supposed to take another airline which is cheaper while my brother will be on Malaysian airlines since they have the staff discount. Thinking that everything was set, through the help of a friend, we boarded.

Upon our arrival, my brother has arranged his check in and luggage transfer to the next airline, while I asked for directions to go to another airport - the budget terminal. I exchange for some Malaysian Ringgit for taxi fare, I asked some instructions while waiting for the SMS regarding my ticket. We only have 1 1/2 hour before the next flight... and few more minutes before it closes.

But I didn't receive any text... then I went online to check my email, but I there's none. One thing is clear then, I was not booked. I tried to get ticket for myself online but its closed already. Shall I stay overnight to KL and let my brother go since he was already checked in? Will he allow me to stay?

Another option is to purchase a full fare ticket on Malaysian Airline... but they already closed the counter.
Admittedly, during that time, I can only say quick prayers "stressing"our Lord to allow me to go with my brother. As we approached the counter and informed the staff that we need to go together, they accommodated us and issued a ticket for me. 

We only have 30 mins before boarding. Coming from the area where we purchase the ticket, to the check in counter will take more than that. If you have visited Kuala Lumpur airport, you will certainly agree with me. We need to take the aerotrain, pick up our luggage, pass the immigration before we again go to check in...

Despite my dizziness and headache, my brother and I were running inside the airport... as we reached the check in counter, it was closed - as expected. My brother talked to the staff and pleaded. Our God is good and nothing is impossible.

We checked in... rushed to the immigration and the long queue welcomed us. If we will go at the end of the line, certainly we will miss the flight. So we went our ways, asked the person in front if they can give way as we were rushing. And they did.

Then we run... until we reached the boarding gate.
We are the last passenger, of course. Everyone is in... getting ready on board. 

Our Lord is great; He is faithful. We arrived safe.

Why do I need to share these things?

There is a big lesson that I learned from this experience.

It is about listening...

I prayed and asked Him to bring me home, safely.
But aside from that, I had few other requests... or rather, I insists on other things.

Admittedly, I have no idea about going to Malaysia, but for some reasons, I have it checked and considered it the time that we missed the flight. God has spoke to me and showed me which is the best way to go, but I insists on my own choice; with faith that God will answer my prayer -- in my own way.

Faith in faith is faith astray...

"Now then, my sons, listen to me; blessed are those who keep my ways. Listen to my instruction and be wise; do not ignore it." -- Proverbs 8:32-33

We may have wrong choices and decisions; and there are consequences for that. 

If only I listen carefully to God's instruction, I have booked our tickets from Kuala Lumpur to Malaysia in a much cheaper fare; we should have checked in all our luggage without fees. We could have saved more and had an easier transfer... if only I listen.

But despite my disobedience, God never leave us alone. He lead us to His best way. He sent people to help us go through that journey. He heard our prayers for a safe and comfortable travel and brought us around the arms of our loving  parents again.

God always gives His best to those who leave the choice to Him.

"He (Jesus) is before all things, and in Him all things hold together." -- Colossians 1:17

There are times that we insists to God the things that we wanted and ignore His will... 
Moments that we listen only to the Words that we want to hear and refuse to understand His call.
During these times that we become stubborn and hard headed, our God is still there for us... waiting for us to call unto Him, accept our mistakes and repent, He is more than willing to forgive us and give us another chance. 


Christine.Joyce said...

So glad you made it home!!

KALI said...

thank you cousin... :)

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