Celebrate Life

Today, I am celebrating my 34th.

Probably, I am stepping at the half stage of my life... more or less... maybe. 

My FB account was flooded with greetings from family and relatives, friends, former classmates, church family, acquaintance and career connections.

Yes, even in people, there are categories, and that is the reality; as time passes by, I realized that there are different level of relationship for every people that surrounds us
As we grow more mature, our friends became less in numbers. Others became not just friends but family to us; they are those few who stayed all throughout... while others left when things get rough. As the saying goes, I'd rather have one true friend than hundred fake ones. 

There is a huge difference in celebrating birthday and celebrating life. I choose the 2nd one. It's not just the birthday, its not about me being born today but the life that God has given me. Not everyone reached 34 in good shape. I may be "huge in shape" but I am blessed. And thank God that I know I am. 

Gifts aren't always wrapped. The gift of life, family, friendship can never be put in one box. And I am thankful for these gifts. God surrounded me with the best people in this world.  I am forever grateful. 

We are blessed to be a blessing to others. Not all that we receive are intended for us; most of the time, God uses us to channel these blessings to our brethren. We can never have enough money to save everything for us; but there are people who doesn't have, even a little. Knowing what we need and what we want is the key. When you understand your needs, you'll realized that you have more than enough... 

Being in the mid-career level, I come to realize what really matters in this world that is run by money and time. We have to choose, what we really valued most? Do we spend our time saving money or do we use money to buy time? 

Time is gold. Should we consider this, we might be keeping time in the vault... and the big question is who are we taking with us inside the vault? In this life that is ruled and trapped in the bondage of time, we should consider carefully how we should make use of it... 

Not everyday is Sunday. There are gloomy mornings and hot sunny day. I passed on rough roads and sharp curves... My life is not perfect, but I am grateful that the God Who created me is perfect. I have sinned but thank God for His mercy and grace, for the love of Jesus Christ, because I am forgiven. I am weak but I have the Holy Spirit that guides and convicts me when I am tempted.  

I make mistakes everyday, but despite all my imperfections, He loves me. And everyday, He restores me. 

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