temptation. decision. revelation.

we are weak because we are human.
an excuse for all the flaws in our decisions...

when we are tempted... we always try to resists.
and it is always better to try.
but the best is not to dig in.

i read something about temptation from the daily heartlight message... it struck me. because i am also human, and temptation is all around.

the writer of heartlight says -
in the face of temptation, God promised 2 things:

1. a way out
the power of resistance... the ability to fight over ones weak point.
have the authority to act, instead of react...

2. the power to stand up under trial
the will to survive. the strength to fight...
as they say: It is not in never falling... but rising everytime we fall.

"prevention is better than cure and experience is the best teacher..."

which is easier? which is better?

He also said & I quote:
"Character is produced both by refusing to give into temptation and also refusing to give up during the challenges for remaining faithful."

God is faithful,

He gives us the will power to decide,
the wisdom to choose between good and evil.


it is our choice, that show WHAT we truly are.

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