Who needs a break?

Few minutes ago, I felt so tired and restless...
I needed a break.

I first thought of making a chai but I didn't find my mug in the pantry, so I erased the tea break on my mind.
I walk along the corridor and went to toilet to freshen up.
Ate was there... the Filipina cleaner.

As I was washing my hands, I took a deep breath and sigh - "Hay kapagod!"
Suddenly, Ate said in a very calm voice, "Sinong mas pagod sa atin?"


It took me a while before I finally find the right words to say..."Oo nga po, kayo maghapon ng naglilinis. Masakit na po kasi mata ko sa harap ng computer."
Ate said, "Nakakapagod din ung mag isip ano? Pero malaki naman ang bayad sa inyo, sulit naman."

In few seconds, all the weariness that I felt seems to escape from me... crawling away from my complaining body, not wanting to hear another word from Ate's sad and frustrating story.

The headache and fatigue left my now fully recharged and energetic body in front of Ate. I stayed for few more minutes. She talked about her retirement and the benefits that she can get from the company and the SSS which she needs to pay for 2 more years before she can be entitled to a pension.

Finally, another person entered the toilet. I have an excuse to leave. I thanked for her time... then I stepped out..
But her voice was chasing me... "Sinong mas pagod sa atin?"

Shame on me to complain in front of a 52 year old, cleaning lady who works 10 hours a day with only 30 mins break... cleaning the toilets from ground floor to 4th floor of a building.

How tired am I?

Sitting all day on this fancy chair... checking FB once in a while... replying to queries... chatting in ym when someone says hi... doing some quotes... having a short walk to finance... computing some cost... talking to colleagues... preparing some reports... and writing some blogs!

Not to mention the full hour of lunch break and unlimited tea / coffee breaks.

How tiring can this job be?

Most of the time, we feel tired not because we are physically exhausted or mentally drained... but only because we think that we are... we often think that we have more workloads than any of our colleagues...

Yes, we may be busier than the other... our desk might be covered with papers and documents, there may be a lot of editing works to be done or an event to coordinate... day might not be as easy as yesterday... but its all right, because it's part of your job and no one is expected to do it but you.

It doesn't matter if we do not have the best job that every body wishes to have... what's important is that we do our best in the job that was given to us...

We do not have everything that we want... but God gave everything that we need.

You want a break?
Look around and see what you've got.. enjoy and relax!


Anonymous said...

Good post ate Lizzie! Miss and love you!

KALI said...

thanks Pikingks...
how are you? you seem so busy lately...need a break? :D

I miss you.

Love you always.
Ate Lizzie

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