It's A Beautiful Day

I initially started my post with these lines - I missed blogging because...
And I came up with 6 excuses. 
As I continue on my 7th, I realized that I was just fooling myself with all those reasons... 
and the bottom line is that I failed to manage my time and I was not focus at all. 

To be fair with me :), I was also pre-occupied with many things... both on work, personal and extra curricular. At office, I was given additional accounts to manage; on personal note, my parents and auntie just left after a month of vacation here in UAE, and my extra curricular - are the most important things among the three, for those are my commitment to WIN Sharjah church ministries. 

Now, are my reasons valid? :-) 

Maybe, but still I found myself guilty. 

Guilty for not fulfilling my promise to you and my commitment to share how marvellous God is. 

I know I have said I MISS YOU several times already. I have expressed my innermost desire to be with you on the pages of KALI. But I have failed you many times... 

Now, I'll try again; let me start by saying: KALI's back! TODAY ---

Today, I do not have a huge story to tell. 
But I have a huge God Who do mighty things that I can share...

This morning might seem to be the same as the past mornings... I had my routines before going and upon reaching the office. My water therapy, morning coffee and email and FB - KALI blogs update.
I remember the response of my colleague as I asked him, how are you today? 
He replied, "Same S#1T, different day!" Poor guy, Isn't he? 

I praise God that I am not on his shoes. I didn't wake up blinded with the greatness of our God. His light passed through the window of my heart and I see the beauty of my life.

Many of our countrymen today are suffering because of the typhoon that hits our country. I am dry and warm. I praise God for the protection that He gives to my family and loved ones. I thank God that I have the opportunity to pray for those who were affected by this calamity. May His protection and mercy be with them, in Jesus name.

There are people who are in the hospital. There are some who are grieving at the moment. But God protected my family from sickness. We are not mourning... I am not happy for those who are in pain, but I thank God that I am not in that situation and I am capable to pray for them. May He give them the strength to carry their trials and understand His purpose in their lives. 

Lunch time just finished. I skipped it on purpose. I have a choice. There are people who haven't eat for 3 days... Some had water for lunch. I thank God for the cookies on my drawer, for the coffee on my tumbler... and I share these to all who are hungry; may God's blessings reach those who are in need... may they find the bountiful blessing of Our Father. 

I am at work... I have my job... and I am relaxed. Not because there were no work at all, but because it's manageable. God gave me the wisdom to handle my job well. Its a beautiful day because I am not on queue for the next interview. He put me in a good company and surrounded me with good people. I know some who desperately needs job. Some are working with delayed salary. I thank God that I can see how much He has blessed me with all these... May He bless others with the right job at the right company, and may His will be done on their lives.

The sun shines on this side of the planet... wind blows... there are bird flying in the air... I can see the clear sky... I can type on my keyboard on both hands... I can hear people laugh... I can write a blog... 

There are more... so much more to be grateful for! It's only half of the day, and if I will continue with all the beautiful reasons why today is a wonderful day... we might finish on the following day. 

I believe you too are blessed... start counting and you'll be surprised knowing that today is indeed a very beautiful day! 

I read a post from a friend in FB: 
The key to experiencing supernatural joy every day is to choose your response to life—no matter what challenges you are facing, no matter what circumstances are weighing you down, no matter what negative news you may have received. Your level of joy is not dependent on the obstacles in front of you or what day of the week it is. It's dependent on you choosing to put your faith and trust in Almighty God. 

Psalm 118:24 says, "This is the day the LORD has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it."

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