Dubai - EK 333 - 19 Feb 09

Exactly 3 weeks ago.

Burj Dubai showed me a different look as half of it was hiding behind clouds... as if I should take a look at it from up above, since it was the day of my flight.
burj dubai view from jumeirah 2 (canon ixus)
God just love me so much... aside from the very good weather, there were no traffic jams along Sheikh Zayed Road, which seldom happens on weekdays. this was around 730AM and usually, it should be an office hour rush.

here's another glimpse of Burj Dubai as we pass the now called - Downtown Burj Dubai, just along Sheikh Zayed Road.

we reached the aiport around 8AM. ETD was 1030AM. just on the right time to settle everything. or rather, we were early, since there was no queue in the new Dubai Airport (Terminal 3) which is exclusive for Emirates Airlines.

i should have took more photos, but admittedly, i was russsshhhhhing... i still need to buy somethings from duty free... :)

and so, we were on board.

and ready for take off...

i was quite disappointed... for i was seated in the middle, not at the window side. though, i was able to steal some photos. i extended my arms towards the window while my seatmate was sleeping :)
yet, most of the time, he was awake since it was a morning flight... thanks to ICE for the entertainment... i watched 'bugs life' and 'toy story' :)
and the COLD or VERY COLD food was served... just on time after the first movie... as expected, it is best to sleep after meal... i'll be needing a lot of energy as soon as i reach home.
after 2 movies, 2 meals and one snack...
finally, we reached Manila. ETD 10:50PM (MLA time).
during this time... i dont know why my heart was beating fast. as if its my first time in the Philippines. the excitement was all around me... i cant wait to see them.
and again, im sorry... but as soon as we landed, i kept my camera on my bag...
i was on a hurry... and i know you'll understand :)


Christine.Joyce said...

I love plane food! Nice shot! Hurry up with the pics of our family already. Lol. =)

OverlandSi said...

I love the fourth picture down. Briliant when you can see the top of the tower through the clouds.

Happy Travelling
Overland Wannabe

KALI said...

Thanks Joyce...
i will start posting the family pics on multiply... now na!

Hi OverlandSi,
thank you for dropping by...
and im glad you liked that pics :)
im back to work now... next travel maybe, next month!!!


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