I've Been Waiting For Hours...

and I've been waiting for months!!!

This conversation is happening now, 2 account directors pass by while chasing for the IT guy. Both have laptop issues... and they can no longer wait.

Few weeks back, I had an argument with another account manager, regarding the time and urgency. We share the same designer; and the designer informed me that my AW was done and ready for release, upon my signature / approval. I told him that I was in the middle of an urgent and important thing that I cannot go up that very moment. I don't even remember asking him to wait as he can do another thing until I come and check.

After couple of minutes, my colleague called, with loud voice, giving me lecture about time. "Every minute is important and we are waiting for you to come..." and so on... but I put the phone away from my ear so I won't hear her blabbing; and to help me control my anger. When she was about to end her 'unsolicited advice', I told her calmly: "You are right, every minute is important. Let me finish what I am doing as you have wasted my time already." Then I hang up.

It's not even an hour of waiting for my 'most precious' signature... but we almost had a fight due to impatience and pride. And going back to the 2 account directors, they headed to the office of HR manager, complaining for the IT delays... but it's quiet now, so I guess they were settled.

I am sure you are very familiar with such incident as this typical scenario happens everywhere. At home, while waiting for your brother to finish playing the Xbox; or waiting for your sister who's been in the toilet for years! At the mall, while waiting for the sales lady to bring your size or at the cashier while you're on queue. We easily lose patience as if everybody is stealing our time.

Can you imagine how long will God wait for you? At your very busy schedule, where every minute is important, He patiently waits for your minute to come to Him. He look over you as you sleep, reminds you of His love as the sunshine kissed you, protected you on your way to work, gives you wisdom as you do your job, sustains your strength for the night as you do other things, and until you enter your room to rest for another day, He never leave you; He is just there, waiting for you.

He don't shout; He doesn't argue about your insensitivity of His presence; He don't complain about you, prioritizing other things over Him; He is there with you, all the time -- all His precious time, waiting for you to come.

Just to repeat what my colleague said; Every minute counts; yet how many minutes do we waste fighting with one another, gossiping, killing ourselves to smoke, partying all night, shopping, watching movies, playing... yet we cannot stand in a 2 hour worship service or an hour in a prayer meeting. We were too tired on Thursday night to attend a 2 hours Bible Study but we can accompany a friend to go to the mall until midnight. Worst of all, we cannot even give a minute to thank Him for everything..

You agree or not, but that's how we normally use our most precious time:
While He patiently wait, we lavishly spend...

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