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In a remote, quiet valley among the mountains of Gilead lie the ruins of Jerash, at one time a city of the Decapolis... 

The site lies on a modern highway that links Amman with the northern boundary of the Kingdom towards Syria; about 45 - 1 hour drive from the City of Amman.

Upon the entrance of the site is the ARCH OF HADRIAN, it was built to honor the visit of emperor Hadrian to Jerash in 129/130 AD.
The Arch of Hadrian - Front

The Arch of Hadrian - Back

As soon as you pass the Arch, you will see the walls of the JERASH HIPPODROME - the smallest hippodrome in the Roman Empire. 

The 2 above ruins are located outside the core city.
It is just a glimpse of what awaits you inside...

The SOUTH GATE will welcome you to the Ancient City of Jerash

And the walls that remain standing through the years.... 

But there are also portions that are under renovation... 


From the South Gate is a peek of the Oval...

The FORUM (Oval Plaza) 

It was built in the 1st century AD.
The Oval Plaza is 80 m by 90 m (262 ft by 295 ft) and is enclosed by 160 Ionic columns.

The unusual wide, asymmetrical plaza is the beginning of the Cardo*

From the Oval, you can either go straight to the Cardo (above) or to the South Theatre (below).

Let me take you first to the theatre...

THE SOUTH THEATREan amphitheatre that seats up to 3000

It is occasionally used today for concerts and musical productions.

It is said that the Jerash Amphitheatre is the most well preserved Roman ruins outside of Italy; 
Let's have a closer look... 

One of the best view of the modern city is seen outside the theatre...

A Byzantine Church is dedicated by inscription to 533 AD.

The images include the churchwarden Theodore and his wife Georgia praying with widespread arms.

The building had a hexastyle portico with twelve columns, of which eleven are still standing.

 The temple was built on one of the highest points and dominated the whole city.

Pillars upon entering the Temple
 Outside the Artemis Temple is the CARDO MAXIMUS

A 600 m (660 yards) colonnaded street that runs the length of the city.
It was once lined with the city's major buildings, shops and residences. 

Along the Cardo, you will pass by the AGORA
 The city's main food market

More columns along the Cardo...

The Ruins

History, culture and religion.
Walking along the colonnaded street of Jerash is indeed a remarkable experience.

To God be the glory...
Travel date: 24 October 2012

Credits: Wikitravel for the details 

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