Bathroom Diaries: Yosi

Last Thursday, I was able to have a chat with a new colleague...
It started with a normal hi, hello and getting to know you conversation; and since we were both not busy as it is almost end of day, our conversations leads from one topic to another, until we noticed bunch of people at the smoking area.

Then I asked her if she smokes; she said no. Good! Then she threw the same question on me. I said I used to... but I quit... few years ago.

She was surprised... then she asked me how I did it.
She told me that her dad is also a chain smoker and she hope that he can stop too...

As I look back, yes, it was 6 years ago when I DECIDED to stop.
It was a DECISION... no one forced me to, I didn't even imposed that to myself. 
My mother's voice is my motivation and the God gave me the strength. 

It was during my departure from Manila, heading back here in Dubai when Nanay told me that she really hope that I will stop smoking... that hits me. 

Then I prayed because I know I cannot do it alone. I may have the inspiration and the motivation but only through the grace of God that I can overcome addiction. 

And it works... miraculously, in less than a week. 

I saw that she was impressed. Then she said, "You must be proud of yourself!"

I said no, its not my own strength, but only the grace of God made me strong enough to resist the temptation and turn away from that addiction.

It's not me... I can never do it alone.

Then she said, you are a Christian..?
She delivered it not as a question but more of a confirmation tone.

Proudly, I said yes.

After our conversation, we headed to our desks, then I heard a colleague asking for a stick from another colleague who is also new in the team...

I heard the new girl said she doesn't have. When the one asking left, I told the other that I didn't know she was smoking... then she said, once in a while; and lately, she seldom smoke because she was so busy.

Then I encourage her to stop; I told her that since you managed not to smoke on her busy days, then she can continue to ignore smoking until she finally stops... she said she will try.


At the pantry, our office girl proudly told me that she's been trying to quit smoking... and she doesn't smoke for a week already! I am also convincing her to stop and shared to her my story...

She even mentioned that she's also praying about it.


I am hypocrite if I say that I am not proud.
Indeed I am very proud.
But I do not own the credit because I know that I cannot do it myself.
Only through the guidance of the Holy Spirit that I was able to resist the addiction...

I am grateful that God is using me to share and inspire other people.
I am thankful that though I am not worthy, the love of Christ heals and restores me daily.

It's been 6 years. Glory to God for transforming my life.

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