A WEEK IN UAE: Save the Best for Last

Kali Travels: A WEEK IN UAE 05

Saving the best for last... Borey and Benok started their final day at Burj Khalifa and ended at The Deal for the best deals! 

Day 07 | The Tallest among the Tall

Last but definitely not the least, Borey visited Burj Khalifa on his last day in the UAE. Having visited the Petronas Tower, he was really amazed At The Top...

Burj Khalifa

View AT THE TOP - Dubai International Financial Center
View AT THE TOP - Business Bay and the new Dubai Canal
In the afternoon before they pack their things, we went out for a last minute shopping…

Is A WEEK IN UAE enough? 
Yes, you can tour around the city and explore other Emirates in a week... we even went outside the UAE when we went to Musandam, which is in Oman. 
No, because you can never get enough of UAE... there are more places to discover, more adventure to experience...
Setting high goals and world records, Dubai in particular never runs out of new, exciting and amazing things for its visitors to explore... 
Bors and Benok will definitely go back... and so am I.  

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