A Short Trip to Wurzburg, Germany

A city in the region of Franconia, Northen Bavaria, Germany and is located on the Main River, the capital of the Regierungsbezirk Lower Franconia.

Our visit to Wurzburg was unplanned; we missed our train to Stuttgart after our short visit to the Rothenburg ob der Tauber: Germany's Fairy Tale Dream Town.

Our misfortune was turned into an exciting adventure; we arrived late night at the Wurzburg Hauptbahnhof and went straight to the nearest hostel.

The next day was another unforgettable moment of our Europe escapade...
And we found ourselves walking in this city along the Main River.

Festung Marienbeg  (Fortress on Marienberg)  
The Fortress Marienberg is the most dominating feature of the city; it towers above it all. Originally, there was a celtic palisade castle at this site. 704 AD the first Würzburg church was erected here. 

Alte Mainbrucke (Old Main bridge) in front of Festung Marienberg
For tourist, there is a boat tour to the Rococo Gardens along the Main River...

Or you can also walk and enjoy the  city tour and learn more of the Wurzburg history just along the Main River.

The old crane is a baroque harbor crane with double boom from 1773 to the Kranenkai in Würzburg on the right bank of the Main River.

Today The Cranes mark the end of  the Promenade along the River. Nearby are an outdoor cafe and a beer garden both with excellent views of the Fortress Marienberg and the historic Main River Bridge. The adjacent toll house is nowadays occupied by the House Of Franken Wines which offers 100 Franken Wines to sample and buy.

Alter Kranen (the Old Crane)
Walking along the Wurzburg - near HBF lead us to these historic art and architectures: 

Julius Echter von Mespelbrunn was a Prince-Bishop of Würzburg

Church Of The Haug Monastery

The Würzburg headquarters of the NSV (Nationalsozialistische Volkswohlfahrt - Nazi People's Welfare Organization)
This building was taken over in 1945 for the headquarters of the U.S. Army occupation force, and it served until the early 1990s as the Military Police station. The building still shows classic elements of Nazi architecture.

Missing a train or a plane during our travel should not ruin the journey; re-routing is another way to discover new roads and a chance for another adventure.

Wurzburg wasn't in our destination list; but we were grateful that we had an opportunity to visit and explore this lovely city...

Are you ready for the next destination? 

Stadt Wurzbug | Tourist information: Falkenhaus on Market Square | Phone +49 (0) 9 31 / 37 23 98

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