A Day Online

Recently, McDonald's Arabia launched A Day Offline, where in they encourage everyone, especially parents to go off line from all their techs for the day and enjoy the presence of family... - at McDonald's of course :)

I wonder how many people participated with all honesty on that campaign. It seems successful if you will see the images posted on their FB page - McDonald's Arabia. Photos of happy faces were flashed on news feed during the 'day off line' which somehow seems ironic, as it was supposed to be an OFFLINE day... but the smile of the children were amazing and so were the parents who have enjoyed the games. But sure enough, most of the parent's cheated on the "offline" thing...

I personally has been struggling with this concept. I am trying to discipline myself not to go online on FB the whole day... and admittedly, I never succeeded (yet).
But to justify my '8hrs -FB-online', may I say that it's part of my job being in advertising, and also on my ministry, being in IT... :-) but is this enough?

I have set some rules to myself, specially on weekend, not to go online as much as possible, except on Skype for our chat time with family. 6 out of 10 weekends were successful.

Actually, I have hoped not only to shut down my computer on weekends also to shut down all other gadgets and even work related activities and just to sit down and relax and enjoy the day just like the ordinary weekends that I had 20 years back.

Remembering the Word of our Lord regarding Sabbath, He worked for 6 days and rested on the 7th...
Why does it seems so impossible today to rest with His presence alone?

Simply because we were being slave not by our bosses but by technology...

2 1/2 hours inside the church with our BB on silent mode is too long... we do check it once is a while, even during the service, right?

How much more is a day offline? Can we resist not to check our FB/Twitter/Instagram or any apps for a day? I am not against t technology. Obviously, you are reading this blog using your gadget... I believe that it is a powerful tool in communication and reaching to people. Remember What's on your Mind?

I wonder if God gets jealous with these gadgets... how He wishes that He is also an APP on our iPhone that we cannot live without... and that we tend to be connected with Him all throughout.

Just thinking aloud, can we really do that?

I want to try. I want to do it... and I am encouraging / challenging you to do the same...

We can call it Online with Jesus! or simply A Day Online where in we will focus more on Him alone. I am not asking you to do the Sabbath the Jewish way wherein we will no longer work at all. But let's try to do it the way Jesus did... remember that He works on Sabbath - one reason why He was prosecuted.

There's no specific day. Whenever, wherever.. we can start it one day and hopefully to make it part of our Christian living. Its a day with God. Be with Him. 

We can take a morning walk while talking with God in silence, or spend an afternoon in prayer. Call a friend and share the Good News or make someone smile. Stay at home home and enjoy all the blessings given by the Lord. In anything and everything, whatever you do with your Day Online, include God, stay connected. Keep the signal high and certainly He will do the... rest.

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