I posted "Akalain mo bang last day na ng January?" (Would you believe,  its already the end of January?) on my Facebook status...

And got different feedbacks... others, just like me, were also surprised!
Days passed really fast!!! 1st month of 2010 just ended.
One friend mentioned the bills... yup! If you're like her, TAKE NOTE! It's month - end already, and you just have 5 day grace period to settle the bills. Another friend, who is leaving, just counted the few remaining days left, before saying goodbye... While one friend just came back from an out of town coverage :)

Different reactions... as the month closes.
Each of us has our own month end issues.
My cousin Janice (whom I now call Month-end) is a CPA and every end of month, her life turns upside down :) with all the accountings etc etc. And I can imagine her everytime I pass by our Finance Department on month ends...
As they audit debit and credit and check and balance and count and compute... lol!

And though we are not accountants... we too should have some balance sheets to monitor.
Not just our bills that will soon be due... but as an employee, a friend, a daughter/son, a mother/father, a sister/brother, and a child of God.

What did you do in the past 31 days of this month?

In your job, were deadlines met? Were you able to deliver what was expected from us? Did you excel? Where you productive? Did you ever compliment your staff with all the works that they've done?
Have you reach out for a friend? Did you time to spend with them, even on the phone, on FB, on YM?
What about your family? Did you even say hello to them this month? At home, did you hug your mom and dad? Have you asked your siblings how are they? Your children? Have you heard their stories from school? What are their new interest?

And last, but not the least, as a child of God... have you ever say thank you for letting you had this month? For still seeing the sun rise every morning... having that job to finance the expenses... being a friend to someone and having someone as a friend... and having a family and being loved unconditionally...?

We had 31 days this January... have you touched someone's life?
Were you able to make someone smile?

It might be to fast... but still, each day had passed, and we can never bring it back.

In accounts, we may be negative this month...
We may have lost some earnings on the investments that we did not make...
But, we are blessed for standing still. Head up as we welcome the February.
After the auditing... We can still move forward and do something to make up...

Not everyone is as lucky as we are as we look forward to the coming month, or even day...

Some days were ended before the month ends... some company closes before the month closes... some lost a friend and even loved ones... others had broken relationships...
Haiti disaster is a reminder that indeed, we are really blessed for being here.

Time is gold... it is pricesless.
We should invest it well...

"Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom."
Psalm 90:12

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