Ludwigsburg Palace and The Fairy Tale Garden

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It was our last day at Stuttgart when we visited Ludwigsburg Palace. It is a historical building in the city of Ludwigsburg which is just 12 km north of Stuttgart center.

Ludwigsburg Residential Palace is one of the largest Baroque buildings in Europe to survive in its original condition.

This first palace which forms the old corps de logis, or main part of the building, was constructed from 1704 onwards. It was intended as a hunting lodge for Duke Eberhard Ludwig. 

In 1718, Ludwigsburg became the Duke’s principal place of residence, he sought a more fitting reflection of his power and prestige. Donato Giuseppe Frisoni, who was responsible for the construction of the palace, also developed the plans for a new corps de logis to the south. As a result, the three-wing complex acquired a fourth wing, enclosing a square. The impressive structure was completed in 1733.

The Garden Front

The Fairy Tale Garden

There is also something for the little ones and the young at hear: the fantastic magical world with more than 30 fairy tale scenes and folk tales from Germany, which tell about secret beings in a fabulous world. 

This giant of Ludwigsburg will welcome you upon the entrance of The Fairy Tale Garden. He actually lived at that time and at that time was Europe's largest man with 2.34 m. 

On the site are different attractions for kids and former kids :)  We have tried this Duke Swing.  This haunted house can stand on his head the world.This is a turbulent swing which rotates 360 degrees.

The railway from the fairy tale web. 

House of Little Red Riding Hood 

The wolf is sleeping... shhhhh.

Say hello to Little Red Riding Hood :) 

We also found Rumpelstiltskin, dancing around the file... 

and a talking parrot that can speak your native language! 

We also visited Rapunzel's tower... 

and as we call on her name, she will drop her long golden hair... 

The walk through the Ludwigsburg Palace is a time machine that brings you back not just to the Neoclasiccal time but to the timeless and fairytales and fantasies. 

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