As Christians, we strongly believe in the power of prayer; we believe that God don't just hear our prayers but He answers them, one by one...

We can stand in front of people and talk about God's faithfulness the whole day. How God works amazingly in our lives. How He turn our dreams into reality...

But sometimes, it seems that He doesn't respond quickly and worst... He didn't answer the way we want...

We also get sick, get frustrated, our loved ones also dies, we lose job, our relationship ends... and during these time of grieves, non-Christian comes in with big question: where does your faith leads you? Where is your God? I thought He answers all your prayers... or maybe the answer is WRONG SENT?

We know by faith that God replies, to the right person at the right time... and its never wrong sent. He answers our cry, in the best suitable way designed for us, and not by us.

Yes, not our design, not our way, but His way.

So even if our prayers were answered in by a NO, we can still stand in front of people and talk about God's faithfulness the whole day. No is still an answer. We can testify that His No is the best for us. Why?

Because God is God. Whether its Yes or No; He holds that right answer. He will never compromise the best for us, just to satisfy our desires. And He doesn't need to explain why, we just have to believe...

Even when we are grieving, even when we are in pain, even when if we do not understand why, still, we believe and we hold on to our faith in Him. We don't argue, we don't object.

We know that everything here is temporal. But our God is eternal. We may not have what we wanted here on earth but God has prepared the best for us in His kingdom. We believe that, we look forward to that.

We believe that everything that happen is with purpose. It is His purpose, for His glory alone.

Yes. We have our wants and desires. But God knows our needs. Not everything that we prayed will be answered the way we wanted.

But sure enough, that we will receive the best answer, as long as we surrender to His will.

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