Bathroom Diaries

Yesterday, I had a really interesting bathroom conversations with different people; its not new, but its refreshing...  

"I'm soooo done with this. How can people be so inconsiderate?" - My colleague suddenly burst out her emotions while we were in the toilet to freshen up before the start of day... I looked at her and ask: What happened?

And she began sharing her sentiments about her boss who apparently questioned her sick leave. I saw her frustrations and anger. She's been with the company for 6-7 years. And you know what to expect when someone stays that long... she complaints about the people more than the job. 

After lunch, my friend shares her own struggles at work. The stress, the workload and her new colleague - how she gets distracted with the attitude of this new joiner... she complains about the people more than the job.

And as I went to ladies room to freshen up after lunch, our cleaner mentioned that someone so inconsiderate used the toilet and left all the dirt and you know....  then, she complains about the people more than the job.

I will not excuse myself on this; there are moments when I almost resign from work because I didn't like our new director; I also wrote a letter to one colleague about her attitude towards other people... yes, I complain about the people more than the job.

I also feel frustrated, many times... remember how I wish I don't have to go to work

But when I open my eyes and look around, there I see clearly how blessed I am. 

This is not the same attitude I have with work years ago or just few months back... but I keep on praying for God to change my heart and perspective, especially towards my colleagues.

It is very easy for us to judge other people, especially those that doesn't suit our 'friend standard'. We react when they don't agree on our ideas; we hate bosses whom we feel does not understand our situation; we refuse to accept new joiners thinking that they are challengers. We hate people when they fail to show their compassion, or when they don't laugh at our jokes.... 

But we forget the time when the same person listens to you at one point when you were down. How your boss considers your leave extension because you need to stay longer with your family... Do not ignore the fact that your new colleague is still adjusting to this new environment, and most importantly, she needs this job just the same as you do. 

There are reasons for every attitude; just like how you feel bad this morning because you missed the bus. Or you are having migraine attack that's why you feel irritated... or one of your family member is sick and you worry for her condition. Maybe, you had an argument with your wife this morning and you think its a bad day... there are reasons... 

We are not perfect; not even close to that. But when we learn to accept the fact that NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT US, it means that we have improved a little... 

Just keep on praying. 

Every morning, as I reach my desk, I pray for God with thanksgiving for this job that pay the bills and support my family. I also pray for my colleagues, for my bosses, and for the company to succeed in all that we do. And most of all, I pray that He will continue to touch my heart to see His blessings and not the disappointments, and for Him to use me as His channel of blessings to the company and to my colleagues...

And we all know that it works. 

Not for my glory, not for our company's glory but for His glory alone. 

Next time that you feel "abused" at work, outcast, ignored or demoralized, just say a prayer of thanksgiving; then you will start to count your blessings. You will see His favor upon you. And you will end up being grateful for what you have. 

With or without stress, HE is faithful.

Now its time to go to the loom... maybe, there's another lady that needs company :)

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