Chapter 32

Five years ago, I received my first passport.
I was 27 when I entertained the idea of working abroad and finally accepted the challenge.
There were many reasons why I want to leave... I've shared it several times through the pages of this blogs. All my dreams, my plans, my success, my failures and frustrations.
You've witnessed how Kali emerges; from the dark cloudy night until  the beautiful sunshine kissed my life.

Today. I turned 32.
And I do not know what's with this age that makes me sentimental and emotional...

I browsed my journal before I started this post; there I read that I got my passport on my birthday.

That page is full of dreams. I thank God for the gift - my passport which will pave way to start another chapter of my life. There were positive thoughts about my plans of going to UAE. I'll make it big, I will continue to race... I will focus on my goal. I will be successful in my field...

It's all about me then. My strength, my capabilities and what I can do. I wanted my parents to be proud of me, because I am somebody. I was determined.

Never did I know that it wasn't my plan at all. That God has a better plan for my life... or rather, He has the best plan that I can never imagine.

Looking back at my journal, on the same page was a thank you note to God. For my life, for my so called treasures which are my loved ones. I thanked God that we are together... and that made me complete.

Reading my note all over again made me realize how self centered I was... for all that I have, I thanked Him, yet I never thank Him for my life, for His guidance, for His love.

I mentioned there that I am complete, yet in reality, I was empty...

But despite of my stubbornness, God has blessed  me then... and yes, He never abandoned me. At the time when I was blinded, He was there, guiding me. At the time when I thought that I made it by myself, He supported me all the way. He never leave me at the time when I chose to leave Him.

Moving forward, 5 years after that, I was overhauled...

God moved mightily in my life. I am not the same person who wrote on that journal before.
He changed me; God transformed me...

Yesterday was my last day of being 31.

As I move the pages of my life, you will no longer see another plan written on the pages... but a clean space allotted for God's handwriting.

And all I have to do is just to submit to His will.
To surrender fully, because He is my God.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  
Jeremiah 29:11


Allan said...

Belated Happy happy birthday Lizzie! I'm sure you had a wonderful day and will have more wonderful days sa pagbilang ng birthday mo sa lotto... ;)

KALI said...

Thank you Allan!
I had a virtual celebration yesterday...
I enjoyed monitoring my FB wall, saying hi and thank you to everyone who pass by and send their messages...
I feel so loved. so blessed to have wonderful people like you who took time to make me smile :)

Regards and keep in touch!

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