Become Your Dream

A Colorful  & Prosperous 2012 to you!

Let me start this by sharing an excerpt from our CEO's New Year message to us... 

Mahatma Gandhi said: "Be the change you want to see in the world." 

And a year like 2011 in our region has certainly demonstrated the validity of this message. Across the Middle East and North Africa, people have made their voices heard, and I urge you to do 2 things: 

First, Listen. Filter the truth and understand the new world we live in.... 
Equally important to listening is having a point of view and taking action. Have your voice and let it be heard. Stand for what you believe and do what you love. We have the power, the talent and the ambition to be as powerful as far reaching as our dreams can take us... Realize and become your dream... 

Since Sunday, I have been thinking of topic for the year-end or new year article. I have been praying for wisdom on what to share to everyone.  

Shall I make a recap of what happened in 2011? A year - end repost perhaps? Or shall I make a list of my new year's resolution and to-do-and-not-to-do list for the year? 

Hence, you probably have read all the recap of 2011 - good and not so good things that happened in the past. And surely, you had prepared your new year's resolution as well (if you are that type) or at least had enumerated in mind things that you want to improve for the new year (that's my type). 

So it took me a week to finally open this page and started to write... thanks to our CEO for the inspiring words. 

Be the change you want to see in the world. 
This word from Mahatma Gandhi is everywhere; most of us, if not everybody has read this for sure. But have we ever try (at least) put that into practice? To actually be that change? 

Our world is in chaos. Our country has been devastated with several calamities. Our government is not far from a TV drama. People kills people; some took their own life. There are homeless families around. Many are jobless. What can we do for change?

Our boss said there are 2 things: Listen and Take Action.

In our work place; it is easier to apply these things. These words  somehow made an impact and inspired everyone in this company to take a little step of change. Simply because we know how; we have our own task and we set the goals. 

But outside this hub is the real world. 

Being a Christian, how can we become our dream? 
Or shall I ask - Do we know our dream? 

Do we really know what changes we want to see in the world?
How can we take part? 

We, as Christian, who has been called to spread the Gospel of Salvation shall never stop dreaming, that one day, every people in this planet will hear the Word and worship our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

How can we be the change? 

* We should live the life according to His Words; according to His purpose. Our life is a living testimony of God's faithfulness. His greatness should not just be heard from our mouth through sharing and preaching, but they should see it according to the lifestyle that we have. 

One step at a time. Do you want to live healthy? Today, you try to stop smoking. If you fail, you can try again tomorrow. Are you over weight? Do you want to lose few pounds for you to be physically healthy? It is not for yourself alone, but for Him Who will be glorified if you take the lead to have a healthier life.

Do you nag to your husband? Or do you often argue with your wife? Try to talk peacefully. Listen from your heart... do not choose the words that you want to hear and ignore the rest. Reach out to your kid. Talk to them instead of yelling in case he got F's on report card. This is not just for your family but for Him Who is in the center of your family. 

Do you feel neglected in your company? Are you not compensated well? Do not complain to your colleague and spread gossip around the office. Voice out your concern to the right person, may it be your boss, to HR or to the company manager. Do your job well; do not be lazy just because there is something that you do not want from the company policy. Remember, your Boss is watching you. We do not work for anybody else but for Him alone. And all our works will not go in vain because we do it for Christ alone.

* We can also spread love... It is the "most difficult" commandment (I guess) but let's take one step at a time.  We can start one person a day that you want to "consider" loving... may she be the worst person that you met or the most horrible team mate;  someone whom you barely speak with, person who you hate most, your boss, your HS classmate, your enemy during grade school, whoever he/she is, just try to put them in your heart and give some love. It is not easy, but loving one person a day means we can love 365 person a year! 

* And last but never the least is to pray. To surrender to Him all the desires of our heart. All the plans, all these dreams, all the hopes, all the frustrations, everything that we ever thought of, let's all lift it up to Him. 
Through that, we can be whoever we want to be. Because whatever we ask in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours. (Mark 11:24) 

We have the power, the talent and the ambition to be as powerful as far reaching as our dreams can take us...  Realize and become your dream... 

We have God who will richly bless us with talent and wisdom, that will take us to the best place and that we can ever imagine. Just believe and we can become that dream... 

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