Exhange Gift

Since  I am in Arab region, where Muslim cultures were strictly implemented, I am blessed that somehow, there is this Christmas spirit that's standing in the midst of our department...

Last Thursday, we had a Merry-Pot-Luck Day in the office; a merienda cena in our department followed by exchange gift from the Secret Santa!

A traditional Christmas celebration that we, Christians were used to. We had it in school, church, offices, with friends and family.

Our CEO, who is a Muslim then said during his opening speech that though not everyone in our department knows, understand and believe what Christmas is, we were still gathered for the simple reason of being together, exchanging gifts to make someone happy and sharing the blessings that we received throughout the year.

Indeed, he has captured the point of the celebration. Being an outsider in the Christian world and maybe, he doesn't even know the Story of Christmas in Bethlehem... yet he knew that being together in this season of giving is a major factor of the celebration.

Being together as family, bounded by the love of God.
He has given His Only Son to be with us, to give us salvation so that we can all be like Him and glorify God as One Family.

Exchange of gifts... He gave His Only Son in exchange of our life; for us to live with Him.
The Gift of life. The Gift of deliverance from our sins.

Last but never the least is the sharing of blessings... from the rising of the sun, the beautiful day, the happy family and the salvation that we received... its not just for us, but for everyone.

Share to everyone you know how great our Lord is... this is the most wonderful gift that you can give not just to your friends or to your family, but more importantly, to our Lord Jesus Christ.

He is faithful.
He deserved to be praised.
Do your part.
Share His Words and make this a better world :-)

Happy Christmas!

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