JAL Hotel, Fujairah

Located just 90 minutes from the dynamic city of Dubai and 40 minutes from Fujairah City, the hotel is situated between the Hajjar Mountains and the ocean and is set on more than 500 meters of private beach.

JAL offers not only the best facilities and but the best customer service you can get.

(hotel lobby) 

Fun and relaxation are all over JAL.
With its long private beach and separated buildings, guests have their privacy.

Have it your way...

Warm water @ Infinity pool
Or Cold Fresh water pool
and of course, your kids' covered pool...

I know swimming pools are just great, but we all want mooore!!!
JAL's beach is too hard to resist!

From sunrise
To sunset

As the sun bids goodbye...

Prepare yourself for an ideal evening...
@ Marco Polo

Restaurant features the traditional culinary fare from Asia and Japan.  
Traditional food preparation from the Wok for the Thai selection, Tandoori for the Indian, Sushi for the Japanese.

They also have other restaurants:

Breeze (Location: First Floor – Sea View) which offers a wide selection of Mediterranean a”-la-carte dishes including Pizza for lunch and dinner. Dishes are prepared in the open show kitchen giving the opportunity to interact with our Chefs.

Icho (Location: Top of dive center) is the only traditional teppanyaki restaurant available on the East Coast. Japanese style restaurant serving traditional teppanyaki cuisine.

Al Nokhada (Location: Second Floor) is the Arabic restaurant serving hot & cold mezzeh with mix grills in a Traditional Arabic Atmosphere. Perfect place to relax in the evening in a traditional Arabic environment.

Grand Bleu (Location: Beach Side / Ground Floor) overlooking the ocean, it offers mouth watering salads, sanwiches, steaks, seafood, light snacks and refreshing cocktails.

Moon Beach Lounge (Location: Second Floor) Let yourself pamper at our Roof Top Bar, while enjoying shisha, tisbits and cocktails in the romantic evening settings.


Our stay was not enough to show you all enjoyment that JAL can offer...

There are a lot mooooore!

Hopefully, I'll be back there, verrrrrrrrry soooooon :) 

Source: JAL Hotel

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