Maldives Journal: Exploring Indian Ocean

I know my post on The Maafushi Adventure was not enough...
Well, that was just a glimpse of what the paradise on earth looks like.

2 out of our 4 days stay, we were literally floating the middle of Indian Ocean.

The White Shell Inn has their excursion packages for their guest and we booked for Snorkeling ($20 each) and that was superb! The clear blue water is heaven!

Here's our wonderful experience...

Just what I've mention from my previous post, from what I've seen, Philippines still has the better coral reef may it be in Palawan or Batangas. But, again and again, the water is just perfect!

Busy underwater

We also booked for a picnic day at Maadhoo Finolhu Island ($45). This includes the transfer and food.
The Maadhoo Finolhu or Picnic Island is an uninhabited island, about 30 minutes away from Maafushi.

On our way to Vaadhu Island

While on the water, the staff were preparing the food. I haven't eaten a whole plate of  tuna pasta in my life, until I tried their fresh tuna pasta. It's the best!

You'll be surprised how fast the day ends in the island. We just can't get enough of the sun, water, the sand and everything in between.

There are more experiences that was not captured by Can-D, my camera.
How we roll over the sand, how we float in the middle of the sea, how we jump freely...
If you could only hear the laughter and the excitement, it was one great unforgettable experience.

Everyday, every hour, every minute, we praise God for His amazing and wonderful creation that was clearly shown to us during our 4 days Maldives adventure.

We were amazed on how God sustains His people; despite their location, they are living in abundance. Small houses, old clothes, thick soles or dark skin doesn't mean poverty. Being in the island all their life doesn't mean they are less human than anyone else.

They are blessed to wake up everyday in this place. Life is simple. They have time to smile and enjoy their work. They do not have the highest paying job, but the work of the Lord is manifested in their lives every single day.

They have the contentment and peace of mind knowing that the Lord will provide.

During our stay, we were blessed to mingle with local Maldivians and  the experience of simple island living made us realize many things. They are indeed happy people.

Their hospitality is excellent. I'm used to be accommodated by hospitable Filipinos, but when you experience the Maldivian greeting, their smile and their respect to their guests, its overwhelming. You can feel the sincerity and their humility in serving their guests. They value their visitors and they made it sure that everyone will enjoy. And you can only give such excellent service when you are happy and contented... and they are!

This made our stay more fun.

This is the first time experience but definitely not the last.

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