Urgent and Important

We've seen this on seminars and workshops. For me, I am not so sure how many times I heard this on company training, but yes, this urgent - important diagram is indeed urgent and important to share.

I consider last March as one of my busiest month, ever. The week of our church anniversary landed on the same week of a regional campaign. The celebration was successful but not the campaign; just as I shared at my Stand Firm story...

All the while, I thought I got the whole lessons to learn from that incident... until I heard about Migi. He is my friend's son who battled with brain tumor at the age of 4. I got re-connected with her mom through FB last January, after about 16 years gap. Through chat, we catch up; and she shared Migi's current condition. From then on, little Migi occupied a big space in my heart.

On March 10, during my considered busiest week, Migi ended his battle. I believe he fought a good fight. I didn't know about it until last week, when I saw his mom's status... I was shocked. I know everything happened according to God's plan, and yes, we all agree that he is in the best place right now.

But there's pain and guilt for not knowing it earlier; for not noticing the posts and the comments on Ate Claire's FB account; for not reaching out just like how I used to, and the only reason is that I was sooo busy on some urgent tasks.

Yes, urgent and important matters took over me that I missed the important urgent matter. Our office works are important at that time, the things that I do for the anniversary is urgent but then, the two boils down to lesser priority compared to Migi.

Until today, I feel the same pain when I first heard it; how I wish I browse the status at that time, I should have buzz his mom so I can pray for him and his family, even online... if only...

2 days ago, a family friend passed away from heart attack. Apparently, he was with my auntie's family, visiting another wake but instead of coming inside the funeral house, he stayed in the car. After few minutes, when my nephew went to get something, he noticed that his Lolo Bandoy was not responding on his call... they rushed him to the hospital but declared DOA.

Life is short.

And because of that, we rush ourselves with urgent matters; we work double time to get the promotion, to have investments, to travel the world . We focus on the important things such as family and marriage and even church ministries.

But there are urgent and important things that we should consider: Life is short.

We, as Christians, as children of God have the assurance about our tomorrow; we are certain to have eternity with Jesus.

But what about our family, our best friends, our classmates, people that surrounds us? They are the urgent and important tasks that we need to attend to.

Let us not focus on the temporary... do not let the busy-ness destruct you with this top priority.

MATTHEW 28:19-20. This is urgent and important.

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