I Wish I Don't Have To Go To Work

I admit, those words came out from my mouth this morning; just as the other mornings, especially these days that bed-weather makes waking up a bit harder...

The gloomy light, the morning breeze and the cold water.... brrrr. My bed screams "come back to meee!"

Who's not guilty?

Well, apart from the stand-in-front-of- the-shower struggle; the real battle starts as soon as we stepped outside the door. For those who drive, they battle with traffic, for those who doesn't, it's the traffic, the other commuters and the chasing of buses or metro trains... coming in the office itself is already stressful.

What more when you stepped on the office building; boss calls the time you put down your bag; laptop still off and the phone rings, asking if you read client's emails. Tons of papers on your desk; unending reports, revised scripts, revisions on artworks, unending work....

Sometimes, or yes, maybe, most of the time, we wonder; what if I'm rich. How often did we wish not to go to work anymore, with all the unending stress that we encounter everyday.

A friend, who is currently jobless, is staying with us; and with all the blabbing about our work, whenever we say we envied her for having all the time in the world to sleep and rest, she will simply reply, OK, if you want, let's exchange situations, I'll go to your office and do your work and you stay and wait for a call...

Who would dare to grab exchange?

I don't sit on the most comfortable chair in the office, nor do the most difficult tasks for the day... yeah, I am an employee who do a day to day job as an executive. There are stress, yes, I complaint often despite having all the privilege an employee would ask for; but at the end of an stressful day;  I still smile and thank the Lord for everything; including the struggles that I surpassed every morning.

There are days when I don't want to go to work, admittedly, but it doesn't change the fact that I love my work, I love my job and I love my company. Not because its high paying or it is easy and manageable but because I know that it is God's gift to me. And I love my company not because it is awarded as the Agency of the Year in MENA Region but simply because I believe that this is where God has placed me to work and be the best that I can be.

I prayed for this and God answered.

(below is an excerpt from Steve Ridgell)

As Christians, we view our jobs differently because God does. We believe there is a reason and purpose for our labor. It is not to work so we can have bigger and better things; houses, cars, bank accounts, toys; it is not the goal of your career to attain prestige and power. We do not let a job define who we are, nor do we see it as the most important thing we do. It is not how we measure success. Work is a way to make a living, not how to make a life. But we do believe there is a reason and purpose for our jobs: 

1. It is a way to provide for the needs of our families. We see our jobs as a gift from God that enables us to provide food, clothing and shelter for those that depend on us.

2. Work is a way to honor God and show Jesus. We do not work for our boss, but as if we are working for the Lord. We strive to be honest, dependable, and effective. Our work reputation is not about us but about how we represent God.

3. Income allows us to do things for the sake of the kingdom of God. We are able to help those in our community of faith who have basic needs. It allows us to help others in our town and in our world who do not have the basic necessities of life. We are able to support people who give their lives to telling others about Jesus. We use what God gives to help others.

Yes, we get tired and sometimes work is a job. But it is never just a job. It has purpose, just like everything in our lives.

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