A close friend of mine wants to end her relationship... not because there is a problem with her partner nor they fall out of love... there is no third party nor any career or business crisis... no family issues either.

The simple reason is because of the thought that "relationship don't lasts"... that FOREVER won't be achieved... worries that time will come that the relationship will end.

Indeed, there are basis... knowing that some people and relationships come and go.

That there is no permanent 'thing' nor secured future that we can grasp.

It applies to all. Whether you are in relationship or wanting to be in relationship, no one is secured. We cannot guarantee tomorrow... and as I have said, Forward March! What we only have is today.

My friend is so afraid for the coming days... guarding her heart to be broken on a thought that didn't happen yet... wants to end the beautiful relationship that she have because of her fears... Breaking her heart because she is frightened to be wrecked...

In our own situations, at some point, we all have felt the same...

We have made decisions not because we want to achieve something, but because we are avoiding somethings...

We assume. We expect and we tend to forget what we have TODAY.

Like life, everything ends... death comes like a thief in the night... we don't know when, but we know it will happen.

In the right time, periods will be punctuated in our own stories... but in the bottom... we still have the whole page, the whole chapters to fill up. We should not be threatened.

What readers read is not that small dot in the end, but the words written, the phrases, the paragraphs.

So while we can choose the letters to make a sentence on our own pages...  let's enjoy this blessing, our freedom to live each day, making the best stories of our lives, day by day.

Let us not rush towards the end because there is present that we still need to make...

and a season for every activity under heaven:
Ecclesiastes 3:1

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